Oklahoma Coach Patty Gasso’s Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?


Oklahoma Coach Patty Gasso's Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?

All the facts behind Oklahoma Sooners coach Patty Gasso’s plastic surgery procedures. Has she had Botox injections? Check out her before and after images.

Born on 27th May 1962, Patty Gasso is a softball coach in the United States. Since 1995, she has served as the head softball coach at the University of Oklahoma.

She boasts a career record of 1,334–340–2 and a victory % of 79.70 after leading the Oklahoma Sooners softball team to four national championships (2000, 2013, 2016, and 2017).

Away from her professional endeavors, Patty Gasso is recently making rounds over plastic surgery allegations. Did she go under the knife? Let’s find out.

Patty Gasso’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Make Artificial Enhancements?

Patty Gasso before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Patty Gasso before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: FloSoftball

Patty Gasso, the National Fastpitch Coaches Hall of Fame head coach, is heading into her 25th season at the University of Oklahoma, where she has transformed the OU softball team into a national juggernaut and cemented her spot among the best collegiate softball coaches in the nation.

Oklahoma has won four major titles: in 2000, 2013, 2016, and 2017, to name a few. Only three teams in NCAA history have won over two national championships.

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During her career, she has progressed to the Women’s College World Series 12 times and has played in the postseason in every single one of her 24 seasons.

Watch: Transformation Tuesday – Oklahoma’s Patty Gasso

While her professional success is there for everybody to see, recent curiosities surround around her appearance. Many viewers reckon the 59-year-old Gasso has performed plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

There’s no doubt Patty has aged like fine wine; even her hair looks flawless. However, this doesn’t mean she hasn’t gone under the knife.

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Our experts at Weight & Skin tried to decode her plastic surgery endeavors by analyzing her change in appearance over the years. Upon close inspection, we can conclude she has had Botox injections and facelift surgery.

To Patty’s credit, her enhancements have elevated her natural looks even further as she approaches her 60s.

Patty Gasso Speaks About the Unfair Structure of Women’s College World Series

Oklahoma’s 10-3 victory against UCLA brought the game to a close shortly before 11:30 p.m. last Saturday. The ground staff at the USA Hall of Fame Stadium went to work as the Sooners and Bruins walked off the pitch.

The crew, however, wasn’t preparing for the next day’s matches; instead, they were preparing for a play later that evening.

Oklahoma State and Florida State began their Women’s College World Series knockout contest in Oklahoma City moments before midnight. FSU’s 4-2 victory over OSU was completed at 2:18 a.m. on Sunday.

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The delay, though, was not to blame for the 180-degree spin that Oklahoma and Florida State were compelled to undertake in the WCWS semifinals on Sunday.

On 6th June, in less than a day after the Sooners battled the Bruins, OU played James Madison in a rematch at midday. After OU’s 6-3 win over JMU, head coach Patty Gasso expressed her displeasure.

Gasso said,

If we’re about the welfare of the student-athlete, that is what is being preached to all of us, then do something.

OU Headcoach added,

Do something. I don’t know who needs to do something. But having these guys get home at three in the morning and then prepare for the next day, it completely throws off your rhythm of sleep, hydration, of eating. It wasn’t fair to either team to sit around and wait that long.

Gasso was similarly taken aback by the start times of Oklahoma State and Florida State. At 3:17 p.m., 13 hours after the semifinal contest, Florida State opened its clash versus Alabama. However, after 20 minutes of play, the match was postponed due to another weather delay.

At 6:13 p.m., FSU and Alabama resumed their game. Gasso urges the NCAA to alter the manner in which the WCWS is run, with the third match between the Sooners and Dukes expected to be postponed as well.

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Gasso said,

You’re starting to hear coaches talk about this. It’s very uncomfortable when we are talking to our players about standing up for what is right. Yet, what is happening around us is not right. And the players will do whatever you put in front of them. They’re not going to complain. They’re going to go to bed at three, wake up at seven because it’s the World Series. But that’s not the memory they need to have.

She continued,

You know, does it make you tough? Yeah. Does it show like, wow, we’re going to fight until the end? Yes. But … you want to see a World Series where every team is rested and at their best.

They’ve been doing this for so long, Patty Gasso thinks it’s tragic. “It’s just ridiculous, really. … It’s not fair for our athletes. It’s just not.”

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