Patti Harrison Before Plastic Surgery – How Did She Look?


Patti Harrison Before Plastic Surgery - How Did She Look?

Everything you need to know about Patti Harrison’s plastic surgery endeavors, notably Botox injections, facelift, and lip fillers. Have a look at the Together Together star’s before and after changes.

Born on 31st October 1990, Patti Harrison is an actress and comedian from the United States. Before acting in the 2021 feature Together Together, she gained notoriety for her bit part as Ruthie in the comedy series Shrill. In 2019, Variety named the actress one of the “10 Comics to Watch.”

Lately, Patti Harrison is the subject of plastic surgery speculations on social media. Did she make surgical enhancements? Let’s discuss.

Patti Harrison Before Plastic Surgery – Did She Go Under the Knife?

Patti Harrison before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Patti Harrison before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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The latest appearance of Patti Harrison as the star of Together Together (2021) has prompted speculations of plastic surgery as many fans are keen on checking out pictures of her before she went under the knife.

Here’s the thing. Patti has never addressed her alleged cosmetic enhancements. In fact, she’s rarely ever spoken openly concerning her looks. Therefore, the entire conjecture is merely created by viewers.

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Having said this, we’re quite positive Harrison has indeed performed plastic surgery. Our experts at Weight & Skin reckon she’s had Botox injections, facelift surgery, and lip fillers.

Patti Harrison Has Had Enough of Hollywood’s Trans Tropes

According to Patti Harrison, it’s imperative for Hollywood to drop the conventional when it comes to casting.

Harrison plays Anna in the latest comedy film Together Together, in which she attempts to become a surrogate mother for a single guy named Matt (Ed Helms).

It’s the type of role she’d like to do more frequently as a transgender actress. She also hopes that her emotional and entertaining portrayal conveys the message to Hollywood.

Harrison told the Advocate,

It seems so simple to me. Just let people act and go up for roles, and stop pigeonholing people.

Harrison has acted in a number of films, including A Simple Favor (2018) and Shrill (2019-21), as well as voice roles in Big Mouth (2017) and Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon (2021).

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The screenplays that generally come across Harrison’s desk, on the other hand, are mainly about a “down-on-her-luck trans sex worker” who defies the anguish of familial abandonment to become a “brave ‘yas queen’ girl boss.”

Harrison noted,

When people only see you as [your marginalized identity], you’re not getting the same opportunities.

Harrison was first apprehensive to play Anna due to the “optics” that a trans woman playing someone wanting to conceive could be “too on the nose.”

But, after all, when she pondered what she wanted in a role, she said she wanted to play a person “outside of my transness” — similar to how cisgender performers are allowed to play a wide range of people from many walks of life without fear of being judged.

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Upon accepting the role, she reasoned:

I want to be in a movie that has a good script like this. This is a sweet story, I love it, so I’m just gonna do it.

Patti added,

I think that in and of itself is political agency and political power … within an industry that is so hell-bent on typecasting and stereotyping people.

Furthermore, Harrison pointed out that trans characters don’t always change the equation forward, especially if trans voices aren’t included in their development.

She observed,

Not all representation is good representation. I would argue a lot of the marginalized representation in TV and media is off, because a lot of the gatekeepers are white straight cis people who mean well and they think meaning well is enough, and it’s not. It is not enough to me. You have to authentically incorporate people who have this experience if you want to tell their stories and make money off of it.

Furthermore, Hollywood’s marketing of transness might limit transgender performers’ possibilities if their gender identity is regularly a major point. Harrison explained she is in an industry that is striving to discover a process that could make money off it.

Harrison thinks that the industry will get to the stage where trans actors will be able to audition for roles that aren’t explicitly transgender without causing a stir.

Harrison said,

If that character is played by a trans actor, you don’t have to shoehorn an explanation for it in the script. You can just let that actor play the character as written.

She’s resentful and cynical about the entertainment world, Harrison admitted but added that Together Together was a breath of fresh air for her as a performer.

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She reckons things appear to be moving in the right direction, at least for the time being. But we gotta wait and see!

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