Juliette Porter’s Plastic Surgery – Did the Siesta Key Star Go Under the Knife?


Juliette Porter's Plastic Surgery - Did the Siesta Key Star Go Under the Knife?

Everything you need to know about Siesta Key star Juliette Porter’s plastic surgery speculations. Check out her before and after transformation.

Juliette Porter, who is only 23 years old, is a true sensation as one of the faces of MTV’s famous reality show Siesta Key. Juliette may be known as the “queen bee,” but she’s more than just gloss and beauty.

Recently, though, Porter is at the center of speculations of plastic surgery. Has she really made surgical enhancements? Let’s find out.

‘Siesta Key’ Star Juliette Porter’s Plastic Surgery is Debatable!

Juliette Porter before and after plastic surgery.

Juliette Porter before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: Pinterest

Juliette Porter‘s photos and changing appearance over the course of a year seemingly reveal more about her plastic surgery. As a result of this observation, numerous people have expressed differing viewpoints and sparked heated debates.

As a matter of fact, many have theorized that she may have undergone breast implants. Even if she hasn’t acknowledged it, those adjustments can’t happen in less than a month.

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She’s also been the subject of speculations about a nose job and lip fillers. Her facial modifications in such a short period of time have piqued the interest of both surgeons and the media. However, she hasn’t acknowledged these procedures in any of her interviews, making them anything but confirmed.

If she did go under the knife, she shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, though. Her surgery has gone well, and she is looking fantastic. Contrasting her earlier and current photos indicate that she may have tried to improve her appearance.

Because the makeup is advancing, however, we will never be able to make an informed judgment regarding the operation.

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Some have also suggested that the source of her youthful appearance is skincare. Needless to say, top-notch nutrition and exercise can significantly improve one’s looks.

If Juliette Porter underwent plastic surgery, we can conclude that it worked in her favor because she hasn’t dropped her beauty and still appears as fresh and young as she did before.

Who is Juliette Porter from MTV’s Siesta Key?

Juliette Porter didn’t start off as a reality TV star. In 2017, she was a sophomore at Florida State University when MTV approached her. Her life transformed in April 2017 when she began filming the inaugural season of MTV’s Siesta Key, which aired that summer.

Her flair for the theatrical, as well as her confident demeanor, rapidly made her a fan favorite. Juliette’s stardom was developing fast, but she remained rooted by attending school and managing her course burden during the week while shooting at home.

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Porter told Feeling the Vibe in January 2019 that she was considering pursuing a post-college career in fashion or law. Season 3 of Siesta Key saw her land a job at Blend Fashion House in Sarasota, Florida, indicating that the former worked out.

Her tales, on the other hand, were not always work-related, as her personal connections frequently overtook her life. During the midseason 3 finale in Nashville, fans watched her connect with her former boyfriend Alex Kompothecras!

If you’ve been watching the show since the beginning, you’re well aware of Juliette and Alex’s rocky relationship. They started dating the summer before production for Season 1 began (2016), and they renewed their romance when they were both home from school in the spring of 2017.

In Season 2, they repeated previous patterns, slipping back into the “make up, break up” cycle. Juliette, on the other hand, seems to have finally chosen happiness above a relationship, returning to school in order to be free of Alex. Things ultimately heated up again until the two ended things for good in December 2018. Or, so the viewers thought!

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Porter’s romantic life made news once more after she broke up with Alex when she began seeing Bachelorette alum, Robby Hayes. Despite the fact that their IRL romance died out over a few months in 2019, their connection was a major story factor for the first part of season 3.

Juliette and Robby spent the pre-pandemic summer in Greece together, and she still has the beautiful images to show them on her Instagram. She’s in a relationship with Sam Logan right now.

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