Nadia Bjorlin’s Plastic Surgery – The Complete Breakdown!


Nadia Bjorlin before and after plastic surgery.

Check out the complete breakdown of Days of Our Lives star Nadia Bjorlin’s plastic surgery procedures, most notably nose job and breast implants, through the comparison of before and after pictures.

Born on 2nd August 1980, Nadia Bjorlin is an American actress, singer, and model. She went to the Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, where she was recognized for her accomplishments in theatre, voice, music, and dance.

The actress is most popular for her portrayal of Chloe Lane in NBC’s daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. Since making her return to the show in 2020, Nadia Bjorlin has become the subject of plastic surgery amongst viewers.

Nadia Bjorlin’s Plastic Surgery Includes Nose Job and Breast Implants

Nadia Bjorlin is the subject of plastic surgery following her return to Days of Our Lives.

Nadia Bjorlin is the subject of plastic surgery following her return to Days of Our Lives.
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Nadia Bjorlin‘s plastic surgery was heavily speculated after her before and after pictures surfaced on the internet.

To put it bluntly, she’s been subject to cosmetic surgery for breast implants and a nose job aka rhinoplasty.

Although she is yet to address these rumors and never admitted to going under the knife, her pictures paint a different light.

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Nadia Bjorlin, 40, is an American actress who is also a renowned singer and model. She is rumored to have performed plastic surgery, in particular, a nose job and breast implants to enhance her appearance.

Altering her nose is reportedly the first cosmetic surgery performed by Nadia Bjorlin as there is a noticeable improvement in and around the part.

Nose job surgery usually makes the structure of the nose look flawless. In the newer photos, we can witness her nose looks a bit smoother and thinner than before.

Nadia Bjorlin, though, has never acknowledged experiencing cosmetic enhancements.

Likewise, the accusations of breast implants were reported after people noticed Nadia with bigger bosoms than before. She wears a size 34D bra which further fueled speculations of cosmetic alteration.

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While some fans still assume Nadia Bjorlin is all-natural, others claim going under the knife is the secret to her hot figure. In her newer images, her breasts looked larger and fuller than ever.

Bjorlin’s cosmetic surgery might still be questionable to some, but her pictures reveal she underwent a few cosmetic surgery treatments to retain her appearance despite the actress’s reluctance to break silence on this matter.

Nadia Bjorlin Previously Required Emergency Stitches Following Injury

Days of Our Lives actress Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) had to get urgent stitching, and you would never guess what triggered her unfortunate injury.

Most people were spending the 4th of July weekend in 2019 performing interesting activities like camping, boating, and enjoying time with the family, but Nadia Bjorlin finished the weekend with a completely different experience.

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Her holiday celebrations started with a boom, but sadly not the sort you get from the sparklers: she ended up having stitches following a housework accident.

The actress posted a snapshot of herself from the hospital on social media.

She wrote,

Way to end a great holiday weekend.. Ugh. Thank you to my dear friend @beverly.hills.cosmetic.surgeon for driving to his office on a Sunday night to stitch up my face because I can’t properly transfer the washing into the dryer without hitting my face on the door of the dryer. That’s what I get for trying to be productive.

Prior to her disastrous house cleaning accident, Bjorlin had shared a picture in honor of National Bikini Day on 5th July alongside her former Days of Our Lives co-star Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas).

She joked,

Happy National Bikini Day from @mollyburnett and me! Also, who decides these ‘holidays’?! Hope everyone is enjoying their Independence Day weekend!

Meanwhile, Nadia Bjorlin recently marked her return to DAYS in December 2020 and fans couldn’t be more delighted.

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