‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Go Under the Knife?


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'Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown's Plastic Surgery - Did She Go Under the Knife?

Everything you need to know about Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown’s alleged plastic surgery procedures. Check out her before and after transformation.

Born on 19th February 2004, Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress, who began her professional career by playing guest roles on small screens.

She later gained immense popularity for her portrayal of Eleven in the Netflix sci-fi horror drama series Stranger Things (2016–present).

Lately, Millie Bobby Brown is the subject of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. Did she make cosmetic enhancements? Let’s discuss.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Plastic Surgery is Sparked by Suspicious Pictures

Millie Bobby Brown before and after plastic surgery.

Millie Bobby Brown before and after plastic surgery.
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Plastic surgery is widespread among celebrities all over the world who want to keep their appearances in order to seem better on camera.

Although many performers seek to modify their looks as they mature, a Netflix star startled her fans lately: a snapshot of Millie Bobby Brown, who is just 17 years old, sparked speculations about potential operations. (You may examine the image above and form your own opinions!)

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At the start of June, the lead star of Stranger Things uploaded some pictures that upset the social media world. Fans noticed a notable alteration in her lips, which were thicker than normal. Millie refused to confirm whether she had gone under the knife.

The London-based actress is passionate about her appearance, and she even has her own beauty product line, Florence by Mills. In her official account, she generally displays how she experiments with different items on her face to make it appear better. As a result, it is not illogical to assume that she could redo her lips.

Millie’s situation is unusual because she is merely a teenager right now, but there are other similar instances. Lindsay Lohan had undergone plastic surgery when she was a teen and continues to do so at the age of 34.

Meg Ryan is another star who, at 59 years old, is indistinguishable from her younger days. Zac Efron was the most recent Hollywood star to join this club, stirring a buzz with his new look at the age of 32.

Millie Bobby Brown is, in fact, a remarkably mature young lady for her age. She has repeatedly stated that her admirers must adjust to the fact that she is no longer a child.

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In an interview with MTV, Millie said:

I am only 17 years old, but at the end of the day, I am learning to be a woman. I’m learning to be a young woman, to be a girl, people see you grow up, right? And they have almost invested in your growth and your journey. But they are not willing to accept the fact that you are growing.

It goes without saying, many child actors often struggle with fans who are unwilling to accept that they’re growing older.

Did Millie Bobby Brown Get Botox Injections?

Millie Bobby Brown became a fan favorite after starring as Eleven in the sci-fi horror drama Stranger Things. And, from the moment we saw her on-screen to now, the teen sensation has evolved quite a bit, as she should because it is all part of life. However, there are rumors that the young actress has made some cosmetic changes.

Back in 2019, an event took place to honor the Netflix show’s success, and Millie Bobby Brown looked stunning on the red carpet. She was dressed in a blue gown with shoes and jewelry. She was also seen with long blonde hair, which made the actress appear graceful and mature.

However, her face drew a lot of attention because people thought it was bigger than it used to be. The 15-year-old faced a lot of criticism for her appearance, as some felt she appeared 40 rather than 15. People suspected Botox misuse because of her high cheekbones, chiseled chin, and thick lips.

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According to PubliNews, speaking in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Stranger Things star discussed how the speculations affected her. She stated,

It’s always hard to get dressed for a red-carpet event because a lot of people have opinions and unfortunately you say you won’t listen to them, but you really have to. And what they say hurts, it hurts a lot.

The actress further added she now prefers to wear tighter clothes. She feels like she’s becoming a woman, and she wants to embrace it.

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