LaLa Anthony Before Plastic Surgery – Butt Lift, Nose Job, Botox!


LaLa Anthony Before Plastic Surgery - Butt Lift, Nose Job, Botox!

Check out LaLa Anthony before plastic surgery. La La Anthony is speculated to have had Botox injections, boob job, butt lift, and nose job aka rhinoplasty.

Born on 25th June 1979 in New York City, LaLa Anthony is a prominent MTV TRL disc jockey and reality TV personality known for her VH1 show LaLa’s Full Court Life, as well as working as a VJ for Total Request Live.

Prior to fame, she was determined to become an MTV VJ after seeing Jessie have a great time with it in the 1980s and 1990s. She made her big-screen debut in 2001 with the movie Two Can Play That Game.

In 2010, she tied the knot with Carmelo Anthony. Kiyan, the pair’s first child, was born on 7th March 2007. The couple separated in 2017 before reconciling a year later.

Most recently, in June 2021, La La filed for divorce from Carmelo after 11 years of marriage. As she made headlines, fans on the internet have flooded the search engine with queries about her plastic surgery. Is there any truth to it?

LaLa Anthony’s Plastic Surgery – What Does She Have to Say About It?

LaLa Anthony before and after plastic surgery, notably nose job, Botox, boob job, and butt lift.

LaLa Anthony before and after plastic surgery, notably nose job, Botox, boob job, and butt lift.
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Could it be because Lala Anthony has reduced wrinkles surrounding her eyes that so many carry suspicions she has had Botox Injections?

In fact, it’s not the only reason people are skeptical about Anthony’s youthful look. They’ve also noted a noticeable alteration around the nose. Did she make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to correct her nose’s proportions?

Aside from Botox and rhinoplasty, they wonder if Anthony, the former VH1 personality, had a breast augmentation and butt lift.

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When a person is uncomfortable about their individual body features, plastic surgery can help to change their physical look. However, it has long been a contentious phrase because many people prefer a more natural appearance.

Nonetheless, they aspire for faultless beauty as well. It’s a vicious cycle, so celebrities tend to ignore speculation and accusations about plastic surgery. Upon comparing LaLa Anthony’s before and after photos, we get the complete picture.

Who would guess Anthony is in her early 40s? She easily resembles women in their early 30s. Even in the most recent picture of hers, there are no crow’s feet in the corner of her eyes when she grins or makes any other facial expressions.

Crow’s feet begin to appear in the mid-20s. If they are lucky, they will get few wrinkles in their early 40s. It’s possible, due to genetics or a lack of sun exposure. Perhaps Anthony is physically blessed, and has been less exposed to sunlight, or has had Botox inserted.

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Furthermore, LaLa Anthony’s current images reveal a major alteration in her nose; didn’t she have a broader nose previously? We’re well aware, cosmetics can be used to mimic a nose job. Such cosmetic techniques are well-known on YouTube.

She may have altered the form of her nose with a contouring brush and cosmetics blenders. There is also suspicion that she has had breast implants. However, while comparing the before and after photos, there isn’t much difference in her bosoms. She has bigger and plumper boobs, which make her seem good in stylish clothing.

Finally, the assumption about butt lifts appears to be correct, as her buttocks look more round from behind. She has had bigger buttocks since the beginning. Clothing has been fitting her bottoms more attractively recently, as evidenced by the photos. The butt lift has made her buttocks curvier without making them smaller.

Meanwhile, has LaLa Anthony responded to these rumors? Despite the fact that wild media speculation has swirled about her for years, she appears unfazed.

The former I Love New York anchor hasn’t aged at all; she still has the stunning beauty she possessed in her debut feature, Two Can Play That Game. Moreover, the TV personality has not acknowledged or denied any reports of plastic surgery.

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As a result, it is merely speculation whether she has done any of the aforementioned cosmetic surgeries or altered her facial harmony through makeup art. Despite this, she is aging gracefully.

La La Anthony Filed for Divorce from Carmelo Anthony After 11 Years

The marital relationship of La La and Carmelo Anthony has endured a split, a reunion, and years of conjecture – but they’ve now chosen to go their separate ways graciously.

La La filed divorce papers in New York last week, 11 years after marrying the NBA star, citing irreparable differences

According to sources close to the former pair, they’ve drifted apart for some time but stay friends, as they always have after 16 years of togetherness, and the separation is cordial.

As per reports, they both decided to take their time in order to ensure a discreet and easy shift in their relationship for their son, Kiyan, 14, who is always their primary focus – and that they remain fully unified as parenting companions.

As previously reported, Melo and La La parted in 2017 after 7 years of marriage amid suspicions that he cheated on her, but by late 2018, it appeared they were reconciling.

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We even witnessed La La in Portland to encourage Carmelo as he transitioned into a new phase of his career after signing with the Trail Blazers. Things seemed to be on track.

La La reportedly labeled their marriage “strained” in mid-2019 amid fresh adultery rumors, and matters remained rocky even after the family spent the quarantine together in 2020.

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