Jeff Probst’s Plastic Surgery – Why Does the Survivor Host Look Different?


Jeff Probst's Plastic Surgery - Why Does the Survivor Host Look Different?

Jeff Probst’s plastic surgery is trending just as Survivor Season 41 premiered on CBS. Many fans can’t help but feel Jeff Probst’s face looks different.

The Survivor host Jeff Probst looks like he never ages. You would be forgiven for mistaking he’s nearing his 40s rather than 60s. So, what exactly is the secret of this dashing personality?

Many fans reckon Probst has performed numerous plastic surgery procedures to achieve this envious look. So, what’s the truth? Has he gone under the knife? Let’s discuss.

Jeff Probst’s Plastic Surgery is Trending As His Face Looks Much Different on Survivor 41

Jeff Probst before and after plastic surgery.

Jeff Probst before and after plastic surgery.
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Jeff Probst, a well-renowned television personality, has been a part of our lives for twenty years. The Survivor host is almost 60 years old and has hosted the reality program for 41 seasons.

Needless to say, he’s practically a television icon. Fans have come to love his hosting flair as Survivor’s supreme tribal leader, but they’ve also observed something else about Probst – he doesn’t appear to be aging like a regular person.

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The fact that Jeff has been presenting the reality show for two decades and still looks essentially the same has caused some viewers online to believe that the renowned host has undergone plastic surgery to stay young.

While Jeff has never admitted that he’s had any form of plastic surgery, most admirers believe that must be the case, but they admit that the work he’s had done hasn’t been blatant.

There are, of course, numerous hypotheses on how Jeff maintains his youthful appearance. One typical explanation is that he is simply physically healthy, which has allowed his body to preserve its youthful energy.

Another (unlikely) notion is that Jeff is immortal and hence does not appear to age. Whatever the situation may be, Jeff’s approaches for preventing visible aging appear to be effective for him.

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Jeff has previously suffered multiple injuries while filming Survivor. Despite the fact that the host is often not involved in many of the more physically demanding aspects of being on the show, Probst has hurt himself on multiple occasions while working on the project.

Jeff had been out for a swing while the series was under production in Borneo when he was bitten near his genitals. A scorpion crept up his boot and attacked him in the heel on another instance, and he also urinated on an electric fence, which shocked him.

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Coming back to his appearance, Jeff Probst looks great with or without plastic surgery. Throughout his 20-year tenure as Survivor host, Jeff has been praised for his good looks. That has been true even as he has aged.

Perhaps it is plastic surgery or a terrific gym schedule that keeps him appearing so young. Whatever it might be, it looks like it’s working perfectly for him.

Meanwhile, Jeff Probst’s weight loss is also trending on the internet!

Jeff Probst is Diagnosed with Transient Global Amnesia

Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, has spoken up about a severe health concern affecting his memory. When he appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Probst claimed that he experienced a pretty strange event concerning his health.

Probst said,

I was booking travel for my wife and I to go to Vegas, and it gets to your wife’s birth date and I went: ‘What is my wife’s birthday?’ I couldn’t figure it out, so I texted my wife and said can you call me.

The Survivor host added his wife informed him that the children were at school and she was busy at work.

Jeff shared,

I said, ‘Something is wrong.’

Cracking a joke about forgetting his wife’s birthday, Kelly Ripa remarked:

That sounds like you’re just a man. So far this sounds normal. And then what happened?

The 59-year-old TV anchor stated that he had no memory of everything that happened to him for a couple of hours after the phone call.

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Jeff said,

I had no idea who I was, where I was. I even wrote a note … on my laptop, I wrote a note that said: ‘For our records, I have no idea why I’m wearing these clothes. I have no idea where our kids are. I have no idea what day it is. I have no idea why I’m writing this.’

He then read the message back and claimed he had no recollection of composing it.

The very next morning, Probst had an appointment with a neurosurgeon, who told him he was suffering transient global amnesia (TGA), a sudden bout of acute memory loss.

Probst disclosed that he got an MRI, but right before the procedure, his memory returned. He expressed concern that he was struggling with early-onset dementia. Thankfully, Probst stated that he is “100%” fine now.

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