Full Story on Jeff Probst’s Weight Loss – How Many Pounds Did the Survivor Host Lose?


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Full Story on Jeff Probst's Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did the Survivor Host Lose?

Grab all the details of Survivor host Jeff Probst’s weight loss transformation. What’s his diet plan & fitness routine? Check out his before and after changes.

Survivor presenter Jeff Probst began season 41 this week by getting rid of one of his catchphrases. The host, who’s been saying, “Come on in, guys,” for the past two decades, asked the team what they thought about the supposedly prejudiced term and ultimately decided it was time to abandon it.

Probst began the episode by asking the contestants how they felt about his continued usage of the gendered word. The response was as you’d expect, and he put a halt to the tradition.

This week, however, that’s not the only thing fans noticed. Many users on the internet are keen to learn about Jeff Probst’s apparent weight loss. How many pounds did he shed? Let’s have a look.

Jeff Probst’s Weight Loss – Did the Survivor Host Slim Down?

Jeff Probst before and after suspected weight loss.

Jeff Probst before and after suspected weight loss.
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Survivor is approaching a new age, according to Jeff Probst. The executive producer & long-time presenter of the reality television show claims Survivor 41 will usher in a new age of Survivor, with a faster, more risky, and dramatic game.

They’re putting a lot of emphasis on having a great time this season, and the best sort of Survivor fun is the hazardous type.

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Following this remark, we got our first glimpse at Survivor Season 41 this week, as the reality show returned after a 497-day sabbatical with a two-hour debut. It was a therapeutic affair for Survivor fans who hadn’t seen the show in over a year and a half.

The season promises to have a captivating and diverse group of players, nearly all of them appear to be genuine contenders. But, like any show embarking on a new era, Survivor is crossing a tanker, and there are many unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, one of the curiosities in the new season revolves not around the show, but Jeff Probst’s physique. Many fans seem to suspect he has undergone a noticeable weight loss. So, how many pounds has he lost?

Well, Jeff has not addressed his physical transformation in the public domain, which is hardly surprising given his weight loss seems to be minimal.

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While the Survivor host does look like he has slimmed down, it’s not something drastic, so it appears more like normal weight fluctuation. Despite fans’ curiosity, Jeff has not spoken about his diet plan and fitness routine.

Meanwhile, Jeff Probst’s plastic surgery, too, is making rounds on the internet.

Survivor Contestants’ Grueling Admission of the Starvation Game Led Jeff Probst to Offer This Suggestion

The mental aspect of the gameplay on Survivor is undoubtedly difficult. What’s even more grueling is the fact that those who survive all 39 days on the island face numerous health challenges.

Many competitors who do not win prizes along the way become hungry, resulting in significant weight loss. And feeling hungry for so long can have a major impact on performance.

Survivor winner Natalie Anderson previously told CBS after the game:

My body was wrecked. My hair was falling out. I lost all my muscle. I was so frail.

And Keith Nale, a fireman in his 50s, told CBS that he underwent a dramatic weight loss on the show and couldn’t stop worrying about what he wished to eat when it was all over.

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He said,

We were going to stop at the Waffle House, at the pizza joint, the chicken joint — we were going to stop at everything on the way home. Southern-made donuts. I had big plans, big plans of eating.

Jeremy Collins, another firefighter who participated in the show, said his physique was in such bad shape when he returned to his ordinary life that he could hardly sprint for a few minutes.

This is precisely the reason Jeff Probst believes that it is sometimes better for contestants to forego immunity in exchange for food.

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