All the facts behind Good Trouble star Emma Hunton’s dramatic weight loss that has shocked her fans. What’s her diet plan and fitness routine?

Good Trouble explores two of The Fosters‘ main characters, Callie Adams and Mariana Adams, as they relocate to Los Angeles and begin the next phase of their lives.

Emma Hunton plays Davia, a recurring character noted for her sincere, no expense spared view on life, in her biggest small-screen role of her career. Since its debut in January 2019, the show has received positive feedback and is currently airing season 3.

On a personal front, Emma Hunton’s dramatic weight loss is coming as a shock to many of her fans. This has led to lots of online queries about her envious change in physique.

Emma Hunton’s Weight Loss – How Did She Achieve It?

Emma Hunton before and after weight loss.

Emma Hunton before and after weight loss.
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Emma Hunton stunned her fans when she recently made her way to our screens. The Good Trouble star looks much slimmer than her past appearance, which has prompted curiosity over her weight loss.

Addressing the speculations, Hunton took to Instagram to upload a stunning mirror selfie, writing:

Don’t you just want to rip off the band-aid? *I got divorced. Y’all can stop asking how I lost weight now. Damn ☹️

Fans were quick to shower praises for her, with one commenting:

Just wanna say that you were and are and always will be beautiful. No matter your size. Some of these comments are setting back body positivity and fat liberation a decade. ❤️

Others were interested to know her diet plan and fitness routine since she looks “amazing.” Some claimed she might not be eating well following her recent divorce, and stress is often known to invite weight loss.

There were many fans who couldn’t believe she is the same person who plays the “fat girl” on Good Trouble. One thought she was using a fat suit or something for the show, which is quite hilarious.

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Well, it’s not abnormal for a person’s weight to change over time. Emma Hunton’s body on the show is real, just as the ones she uploads on Instagram.

While Emma is yet to shed light on the genuine reason for her weight loss (intentionally or otherwise), there’s no doubt she’s always looked amazing. Meanwhile, her slimmer physique currently is inspirational for people hoping to shed pounds to successfully tackle health issues.

‘Good Trouble’ Star Emma Hunton Discusses Body Positivity

It’s difficult not to be in admiration of social media celebrities with a few thousand followers who guide and determine how we ought to live our lives and make the entire world a better place.

And, despite their perfect Instagram uploads and funny tweets, it can be difficult to lead your life under the relentless criticism of people who are only familiar with you through your social media handle.

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Davia, portrayed by the stunning Emma Hunton in Good Trouble, is a perfect illustration of this. The character maintains a body-positive Instagram page while subtly editing her flaws. So, what’s the deal with this paradox?

Davia Moss is a social media personality from the Freeform spin-off show The Fosters. The vocal teacher who operates a highly active Instagram page on body positivity resides on the same apartment floor as Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez).

However, Davia’s character has attracted criticism — not for her insufferably arrogant Instagram slogan, but for her interactions with other characters and the lengths she is willing to go for personal benefit.

Growing up with a bullying mother who always made her feel bad because of her weight explains some of the things she’s done previously. But that was in the first season; season two delved into why Davia behaves in the manner she does.

Hunton said,

I absolutely think (for the first time) we see Davia caring about someone else more than herself. It forces her to grow up and start finding her footing in the adult world.

She added,

I think her newfound friendship with Dennis brings out a softer side to Davia, and I’m having the best time finding those beautiful, complicated moments that help comprise who she is.

As engrossing as the experience of portraying Davia has been, Hunton admits it has not been without its share of difficulties.

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She recalled,

My first day on set was when I had to blow dry my hair naked in the mirror in the very first episode. Even though I wasn’t actually nude, I only had pasties and underwear on. I barely knew the cast let alone the crew (who are all wonderful, brilliant, talented, caring people) and I had a slight panic attack in the trailer which could have easily shut me down.

Fortunately, Hunton seems to harness the same positive energy mantra from her character in her real life as well. Addressing the issue, she said:

I asked myself why I felt this way, and I realized it was because I never got to see anyone like me growing up, and I had to feel uncomfortable now so someone watching me wouldn’t feel uncomfortable later.

The drama Good Trouble has received critical praise for its inclusion and diversity as well as the complex presentation of niche characters that we rarely see on television — something Hunton attributes to making her feel inspired in the character of Davia.

It felt so empowering: Sure I had seen fat girls on TV, but never where they weren’t used as a device to mock their own bodies or for someone else to poke fun at. It’s rare to see a curvy girl glorified as attractive or even sexually active. We’re the punchline to everyone’s joke.

Hunton is attracted to her character’s reluctance to acknowledge this as fact, at least in the way she was raised to believe it was her truth. Since meeting Davia, the actress has felt more liberated. She hopes she inspires others to have the courage to feel free as well.

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