Damaris Phillips’ Weight Loss: How Many Pounds Did the Chef Lose?


Damaris Phillips' Weight Loss: Ho Many Pounds Did the Chef Lose?

Damaris Phillips’ weight loss transformation has been an inspiration to many fans. We can see that the chef has been losing weight every year which indicates that she chose the natural way to look fit. Fans wonder about Damaris Phillips’ diet plan and fitness routine, along with her before and after pictures. Also, know more about Phillips’ career, professional life, and relationship status.

Damaris Phillips is a celebrity chef who co-hosts Southern & Hungry with Rutledge Wood and The Bobby and Damaris Show with Bobby Flay on the Food Network.

She was also the winner of Food Network Star in 2013 (9th Season) when she stunned the judges with her innovative twist on Southern food and captivated the audience with her perfect charm.

Phillips subsequently went on to anchor her own show for five seasons, Southern at Heart. Damaris has also been on series such as Guy’s Grocery Games, Cooks vs. Cons, Bakers vs. Fakers, Celebrity Food Fight, and others on the network.

Her weight loss journey is something we all should be inspired by. So, let’s have a glance at how Damaris Phillips lost her weight.

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Damaris Phillips’ Weight Loss: Secret Behind the Chef’s Impressive Transformation!

It is quite challenging for any chef to control their diet as they cook various meals each and every day. It’s a fact that everybody loves food and it is hard not to eat anything that looks delicious, no matter what nutritional value it carries. But Damaris Phillips is one of the chefs who experienced massive weight loss during the rise of her profession.

Phillips’ before and after pictures clearly show that she has undergone much weight loss. She looked way too heavier after she was declared the winner of  Food Network Star back in 2013.

There is no official statement on how she lost weight. However, being a professional chef, she exactly knows about foods and their nutritional values. Also, she is married to her vegetarian husband and she has been in love with vegetarian foods which comparatively contain low calories.

Damaris Phillips claims that her meal is about 75 percent vegetarian and her first cookbook, Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy, is also written to inspire people to have vegetarian foods more often.

No wonder, her husband helped her with a massive weight loss journey. Also, her Instagram suggests that she loves to work out as she often shares her workout routine and her experience with different workouts.

Damaris has never revealed anything about her weight loss but we can assume that she has not done any surgery to reduce her weight. Damaris has been losing weight for years now.

Considering that she never had any big change all of a sudden, we can assume that her weight loss has been more of a natural way.

Damaris Phillips looks much more confident with her looks now. Apart from sharing recipes of beautiful and delicious food, she also frequently shares her pictures wearing summer outfits with her friends. No surprise, fans have been amused with her looks and can’t stop praising her for her transformation.

Everything You Need To Know About Damaris Phillips: Career, Professional Life & Relationship Status!

Damaris Phillips‘(@chefdphillips) professional career began shortly after she graduated from college, and it was then that she realized her genuine passion for food.

After appearing in season 9 of the Food Network reality show Food Network Star, she became well-known and well-liked by a larger audience.

Damaris made a concept for a series called Eat, Date, Love after making it to the top three final contestants. She was crowned the season’s most prominent winner on August 11, 2013. Her real aim to celebrate the traditions by making them healthy as well as delightful was the key to her success.

Phillips’ cooking-based reality show, Southern at Heart‘ aired on Food Network on October 27, 2013, bringing her enormous popularity and fortune.

Her popularity may be measured by the 816,000 viewers that tuned in to the April 19, 2015 episode. In the episode, she reveals her favorite and delectable food recipes. She also appears as a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games on a regular basis.

Damaris Phillips is married to Darrick Wood, a longtime boyfriend. On June 13, 2015, the wedding bell rang in Willow Park in Louisville, Kentucky, in front of 235 guests. Her mother and close friends led her down the aisle, waving streamers and parasols as if it were a scene from a fairy tale.

Her husband Wood works as an education consultant, and the pair is happily married with no indications of separation.

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