Wonyoung’s Weight Gain: The IVE Idol Weighs More Than 45 kg Now

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Wonyoung’s Weight Gain: The IVE Idol Weighs More Than 45 kg Now

After losing a lot of weight, Wonyoung finally seems to be on the healthy path, as she has recently surprised her fans by gaining some weight. Although the reason and workout schedule have yet to be updated by her, many people have claimed that the singer might be under pressure or might have an eating disorder.

Who is your favorite celebrity? Who do you think can make their airport look the best? Recently, IVE’s singer Wonyoung was seen in her airport look. Where is she traveling? Why was she hiding her face? Do you notice Wonyoung’s changed look?

Wonyoung was spotted returning to South Korea after an overseas schedule. Fans were very quick to notice her, even though her face was entirely covered by her black bucket hat. She was wearing a one-piece with a blue sweatshirt from outside, and her hair was tied in a low ponytail. Many people compliment her beauty, while some compare her small face with her height.

After she was noticed at the airport, some claimed that she looked a little changed and that her weight might have changed. Do you think she has gained weight? What is the reason behind her physical changes? To learn more about the rumors, read this article.

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Korean Netizens Are Happy to See Wonyoung’s Weight Gain!

After Wong-young (@for_everyoung10) posted her recent picture, many people are claiming that she has gained some weight. Well, the fans are right. Comparing her before and after pictures, we can see the difference, but it looks like the singer is taking her time to explain the reason behind her unexpected weight loss and weight gain.

Jang Won-young aka Wonyoung is a South Korean singer. At the beginning of her career, she represented Starship Entertainment alongside An Yu-jin and Cho Ka-Hyeon on the girl group survival reality television show Produce 48. Her breakthrough came when she was selected alongside Japanese member Sakura Miyawaki to center a collaborative performance between Nogizaka 46, Keyakizaka 46, and AKB 48 at the FNS Music Festival.

Fans are happy to see Wonyoung's weight gain. weightandskin.comFans are happy to see Wonyoung’s weight gain.
Source: Instagram

Besides working in the music industry, Wonyoung has also worked with many renowned brands like Beauty Plus, Vogue Korea, and Elle Korea. There has always been pressure on models to keep their size maintained, but nowadays every size has its own identity. Wonyoung has been in the news for her weight since the beginning of her career. Her long, skinny legs have been the center of attraction, but many of her fans are also concerned about her health problems.

Do you think Jang has been trying to gain weight? The rumors of her trying to put on some weight started flooding all over the internet from TikTok. Many fans claimed that she has been eating three meals a day and taking extra care of herself to gain weight. Do you see some changes? How much weight has she gained?

Although Wonyoung has not admitted to changing her schedule to gain weight but comparing her before and after pictures, we can see that the girl has gained some weight. It’s not clear how much weight she has gained, but her hands, jawline, and thighs look thicker than before. What are fans commenting on her picture? Are they loving the changes? What is she eating?

Won Young’s Korean fans seem very pleased with her new looks. On March 23, when she posted a series of pictures in the middle of a tree, many fans were surprised to see her. In the picture, many people comment that she is looking gorgeous these days, and people need to stop commenting about her weight. Some also commented on her weight and said that she still looked skinny but looked much better than before, and her spine bone was showing.

When Did Won Young Lose Her Weight Massively?

On October 2022, Jang‘s fans were extremely worried about her weight loss. At the time, fans were worried as her weight was so alarming that people could see the outline of her spinal cord. Do you think the K-pop industry has been called out for its unhealthy, idealistic beauty standards when it comes to South Korean women? Why is that so?

According to Skpop, the average weight for female K-pop idols is between 34 and 59 kg, and Wonyoung’s weight was reported to be around 45 kg. However, a year ago, many fans claimed that she had lost weight, but it was not clear. Some also claimed that Netizens were pressuring her and she couldn’t gain weight against them.

Wonyoung weighed around 45 kg before her weight gain. weightandskin.comWonyoung weighed around 45 kg before her weight gain.
Source: Kpopping

Seeing her weight loss and weight gain journey, many pointed out that the reason might be an eating disorder. Admires also worried about how she had become a role model for many youngsters and termed it unhealthy. The problem might be due to stress, and it looks like now she is already on the healthy path.