Tua’s weight gain news has really caught the attention of everyone. The 25-year-old football team’s quarterback has gained some muscle to play deep into the season for 2023 even though he announced that he is thinking about retiring. 

Isn’t it sad how a person contributes to something but everything comes to an end? If you are wondering what we are talking about, it’s about our football team’s quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. The 25-year-old American football team’s quarterback admitted that he is considering retiring from the football after his multiple bouts with concussions during the 2022 NFL season which has really shocked the fans. The football team’s quarterback has a love for football but he must also consider his health and he thinks that it’s best for him and his family.

Tagovailoa revealed in his first press conference after suffering a concussion on December 25 that he briefly considered quitting football in a talk with his wife but eventually decided against it. Even though, the American football team’s quarterback said that he is considering retirement; he is still playing for his team and he has been in the spotlight since then. Now, Tua has shown a vast body transformation leading the viewers to be interested in this topic.

The Internet has been flooded with news about Tua Tagovailoa’s weight gain and the viewers want to know every single detail about his transformation. What diets does he eat? What kind of exercises does he do regularly? So, in this article, we are going to discuss everything there is to know about Tua’s weight gain journey!

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Tua’s Weight Gain: It’s Unsure How Many Pounds He Has Gained!

Tua Tagovailoa (@tuaman) is currently in the spotlight following his weight gain recently. The fans were quick to notice the major transformation and the 25-year-old football team’s quarterback really gained some muscle during the offseason to play deep in this season. After he missed five total games last year due to a head injury, the football team’s quarterback has also started judo to avoid such accidents again.

Tuanigamanuolepola Tua Donny Tagovailoa whom we mostly know as Tua Tagovailoa is an American football quarterback who plays for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League, and he is one of the best players, unfortunately, he sustained a head injury and missed five total games last year. A month ago, a rumor started spreading that Tua was considering retirement and he thought it was best for his health and his family.

In an interview, Tagovailoa revealed that he briefly considered leaving football but eventually decided not to because of his love of football. The 25-year-old American football quarterback maybe decided to see how it goes and kept playing football.

Tua Tagovailoa's hasn't confirmed how much weight he has gained. weightandskin.comTua Tagovailoa hasn’t confirmed how much weight he has gained.
Source: Instagram

Since the Dolphins selected Tagovailoa fifth overall in the 2020 selection, there have been concerns regarding Tagovailoa’s ability to lead the team as their franchise quarterback. When Tagovailoa missed five games last season due to two concussions, including the team’s playoff loss, those concerns grew louder.

But now, the American football quarterback has returned and the fans were too quick to notice the change in his appearance. The 25-year-old American football quarterback has gained some muscle and now, the fans are too eager to know about his major transformation. Of course, the fans would be excited about his transformation.

In the sports industry, a person’s weight really matters in their gameplay, and gaining weight is kind of an advantage in football. So, after fans noticed the change in Tagovailoa’s weight, they were really excited and Tua has really taken advantage of the offseason. The 25-year-old American football team’s quarterback has gained muscle and not fat; some fans are even saying that maybe it’s what he ate or something that led to his weight gain. But no, the football quarterback worked hard for that body in the offseason.

After the fans were curious about his major transformation, Tua took some time to make a comment on his weight gain and he said,

Offseason training has been good, been working on strength in many areas and have been chipping away at things that I felt like I needed to work on to get to where I feel like I can get to in the later parts of the season.

In order to have a more successful season the next year, players should focus on their craft and continue to improve throughout the offseason and Tua also took advantage of the offseason to work on his physique. After the fans saw a change in his weight, they started speculating on this matter and wondered about the transformation. Different rumors and speculations are spreading on the Internet currently about Tua’s weight gain. They have even taken the help of Twitter to make speculations; one wrote,

The Hefty lefty is BACK BABY (in the best way)

Another wrote,

Bros calves are thighs

So, Tua’s major transformation has shocked the fans and they are really excited about him playing this season. It’s unsure how much the American football team’s quarterback gained weight exactly but fans think that it’s actually a good idea that he gained some muscles. It’s really going to help him this season.

How Did Tua Tagovailoa Manage to Gain Weight So Fast? What Kind of Exercise Did He Do to Achieve That Transformation?

We all are familiar with Tua Tagovailoa‘s head injury and because of the injury, he missed five games in all last year, including the team’s playoff loss to Buffalo and the last two regular-season games. Since then, to learn how to fall safely when hit, the former first-round pick has included judo in his offseason exercises.

Tua has really taken some measures to keep himself safe this time. The 25-year-old football team’s quarterback also has been working hard in the gym during the offseason and he has now shown all his dedication in the field.

Tua is compensating his time loss due to head injury with gym time. weightandskin.comTua is compensating for his time loss due to a head injury with gym time.
Source: Instagram

The fans have been curious to know about Tua’s diet and exercise routine but the football quarterback has yet to reveal such information. So, for now, we can only surely say that he is having some martial arts training to avoid another accident and he has been spending some time in the jim to work on his physique.