My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore dropped a lot of pounds and wasn’t even aware of it. She continued to see her personal trainer, Jessica Powell, in Greensboro. While she’s made some improvement in her weight, Whitney seeks to see more muscle gain.

According to Jessica, Whitney has to prepare her brain to eat all the proper nutrients. But it’s hard for the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life since she got diagnosed with an eating condition. So, when she found out how much weight she had lost after rigorous workouts, she was astounded. Check out what happened at the TLC show.

Whitney Thore Weight Loss – How Long Does She Train at Greensboro Gym?

Whitney Thore does not want to be praised for weight loss.

Whitney Thore does not want to be praised for weight loss.
Source: Shape Magazine

Whitney Thore hasn’t bid farewell to her hometown since she moved to Charlotte. She agreed that the only aspect that got her back to Greensboro was her workout instructor, Jessica Powell. This is aside from her family and friends, of course. Whitney said that she does not have the time to train with Jessica as much. This is because My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has had a packed slate working with Ryan Andres, her business associate.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum confirmed her personal favorite aspect about Jessica Powell is weightlifting. Jessica came up with the notion of Whitney Thore taking part in a weightlifting contest. Whitney was hesitant at first, but then she thought it might be something she could have fun doing. However, she was surprised to find out that she was competing with Jessica.

How Did Whitney Thore Lose Weight?

Whitney Thore told Jessica Powell in the reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life that she doesn’t keep a record of her body mass. But she never covers up her weight from anybody. When she was alone with her former fiance Chase Severino for the very first time, she asked him to guess her weight. But, Jessica reckons Whitney Thore shed a few pounds. So, Jessica said she’d be willing to measure and clarify the amount of weight loss she underwent.

The member of My Big Fat Fabulous Life series was ready to track her weight loss, even if the figures are not her primary priority. Whitney Thore only needs to feel happier and fitter. She weighed around 380 pounds a year earlier. Since Jessica took the tests, she told Whitney that she had lost nearly 25 inches off her body. She dropped almost 50 pounds, too. They were both stunned.

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Whitney Thore was eager to see whether Jessica Powell felt her look appeared odd. Jessica definitely thought that the MBFFL alum looked a lot better than when the two first met. She feels her body looks different, according to the TLC star. She feels a lot stronger, too. She clarified that the portions of her body that had once hurt now ceased to do so.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality star carries just one issue about her physique. Whitney Thore wants to be able to see more muscle in her body. Yet her unhealthy obsession with food is preventing this from unfolding. Her personal trainer, Jessica Powell, tells her that she has to eat the right vitamins and minerals to gain muscle.

However, Whitney Thore fears that changing how she eats may turn into a diet. It is hard for her to have a healthy relationship with food since she has “an eating disorder brain”.

Whitney Thore is Not Fond of Weight Loss Praise

Reality TV star Whitney Thore receives the social media messages on her supposed “weight loss,” and she doesn’t accept them as praise.

TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star — a series featuring Thore growing to accept herself and her dancer’s body after polycystic ovarian syndrome forced her to add 200 pounds — shared an Instagram post which made it plain and simple that she wants such remarks to end.

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“I’ve been reading my comments and a large majority of them are people congratulating me for losing some amount of weight that you have perceived that I’ve lost,” she said on her Instagram, where she also posts workouts, swimsuit photos, and dancing videos. “It’s just not something I will ever feel comfortable saying ‘Thank you’ for.”

She continued: “If you’re inspired by me, that’s wonderful, I’m glad. But I hope that’s because I’m a woman who learned to love herself no matter what size she is.”

To further emphasize her point about weight loss, she added in the caption for the video: “Reminder: your value does not increase if your weight decreases. You can implement healthy behaviors as a fat person or a thin person independent of weight.”

It’s fair to say Whitney Way Thore does not want weight loss praise.

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