Tim Dunn’s Weight Loss: Is the Railway Historian Suffering From Any Kind of Illness?


According to people, Tim Dunn from The Architecture the Railways Built has undergone a slight weight loss transformation, especially on his face. However, the 42-year-old historian has yet to address if it is true or the reason behind it. Additionally, we believe he is not suffering from any kind of illness as he has been hosting the show regularly. 

Known for his presenting and writing skills, Tim Dunn has been a popular historian, TV presenter, geographer, and travel editor, especially among those who are interested in rail transport and architecture.

Growing up in Buckinghamshire, his grandparents introduced him to railways at an early age. After training as a historical geographer, he has curated museum exhibitions, has been a museum trustee, and is on the advisory panel of the UK’s Railway Heritage Trust.

In addition to working as a travel editor for the transport website Trainline, Tim Dunn also hosts a factual documentary series, The Architecture the Railways Built, on Yesterday. Currently, the fourth season of the show has been airing on the channel with 1 episode each week.

On the other hand, many viewers have claimed that Tim looks slightly leaner than he used to look in the previous seasons. As a result, they are curious to know the reason behind his weight loss. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Tim Dunn’s Weight Loss: People Claim the Railway Historian Has Lost a Few Pounds of Weight!

Many people have been claiming that Tim Dunn (@mrtimdunn) has lost a few pounds of weight ever since the fourth season of The Architecture the Railways Built, premiered. After comparing his before and after pictures, we believe he might have undergone a slight weight loss, especially on his face, however, he looks completely fine and fit.

Tim Dunn before and after weight loss.

Tim Dunn before and after weight loss.
Source: Instagram

In addition, Tim has not made any remarks about people discussing his weight loss. Matter of fact, we’re not sure if he is even aware of people getting concerned about his slight weight change. There’s a high chance he might be focusing on staying fit as he is already 42 years old. He might have started working out and following a strict diet.

On the other hand, we’ve discovered that many people have been wanting to know if he is suffering from any kind of illness. Well, Tim Dunn has never mentioned anything about his health to date and regularly hosts his show on Yesterday. Thus, we can assume he is completely fit and healthy.

There are a lot of factors that can lead you to lose weight. Changes in diet, age, genetics, the place where you live and work, sleep, physical activity, etc are among hundreds of reasons that affect your weight loss. And we’re pretty sure, one of these is the reason behind Tim Dunn’s transformation.

However, all of the given information is based on our speculation since Tim has never mentioned anything about his weight. We promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we get any updates about his weight loss.

Tim Dunn on Being a Proud Gay Man!

Tim Dunn, who lives in London with his boyfriend, has a clear message: embrace your inner nerd and don’t let other people’s opinions derail you. In a previous reflection, he discussed the importance of following your passions. He explained that if you have the freedom to live as a proud gay man in a society that is frequently oppressive, you shouldn’t be afraid to shout about the things that make you happy.

Tim Dunn and his boyfriend. 

Tim Dunn and his boyfriend. 
Source: Instagram

Talking about the time he first came out as gay, he explained,

[The first person I came out to] was my best friend Chris, when I was about 18…..Nobody seemed that surprised anyway, apart from my father, who reckoned if one of his sons was gay, it probably wasn’t the one who spent all his time building railway engines. But then, preconceptions and worn-out stereotypes are always the most fun ones to break.

Tim said he used to feel just as self-conscious as he does now about being gay growing up because of how others regarded him as a geek. He added,

I used to dread what other people thought of me and my supremely nerdy passions. In fact, as a student, I bought both Attitude and Steam Railway magazine: I wasn’t sure which I should hide inside the other! But, at about 21, I discovered that by being enthusiastic, compelling and passionate, you might just get people aboard and take them with you……My motto in life is ‘Be an enthusiast’. You’ll probably get more out of life if you approach things keenly.