Sarah Millican’s Weight Loss: The British Comedian’s Recent Photos/Pictures Show Her Incredible Transformation Without Receiving Surgery!


Sarah Millican’s Weight Loss: The British Comedian’s Recent Photos/Pictures Show Her Incredible Transformation Without Receiving Surgery!

Sarah Millican has recently undergone significant weight loss following a proper diet and choosing the right snacks. Yes, Sarah didn’t undergo any surgery. Comparing her before and after photos/pictures, the British comedian looks healthier and fit. 

Sarah Jane Millican, an English comedian, writer, and presenter, won the Best Newcomer award at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and also was named one of the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom by Radio 4‘s Woman’s Hour in February 2013.

Later, Sarah Millican launched a YouTube channel in November 2019, uploading clips from her stand-up shows, The Sarah Millican Television Programme, and interviews from other shows. The channel had over 65 million views and 431K subscribers with 352 videos as of March 2023.

During the early 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Millican began uploading a series of videos called How to Be Champion Storytime, in which she read a section of her autobiography every day. Bobby Dazzler, her sixth stand-up show, began touring the UK in 2021. In February 2023, a live recording of the show was made available exclusively on her website.

Comedian Sarah Millican has frequently made fun of her large appetite and her love of biscuits. But the funny woman has recently tried to avoid sugary treats and showed off the results of her health kick in a recent Instagram post, where the bespectacled TV favorite appeared noticeably slimmer. So, if you are curious to learn more about the secrets behind her weight loss body transformation, we are here to help.

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Sarah Millican’s Weight Loss: The British Comedian Revealed That the Key to Her Incredible Weight Maintenance Toned Body Is Choosing the Right Snacks!

Sarah Millican (@thesarahmillican) recently made headlines for her incredible weight loss. She has recently worked hard off-screen, losing weight and documenting her transformation on social media.

Sarah Millican before and after weight loss.

Sarah Millican before and after weight loss.
Source: The Mirror

The British comedian’s newly dyed brunette hair complements her new slimmed-down look. And she’s revealed the key to her incredible weight loss is selecting the right snacks instead of receiving any type of fat removal surgery. She frequently eats a snack while writing at home to keep her energy levels up.

However, she has recently substituted a bowl of fruit for biscuits. Tangerines, bananas, and apples are frequently found in her snack bowl as she strives to meet her five-a-day requirement. Previously, she uploaded photos of fruit in the majority of these posts, indicating that she has been eating a healthy diet. In one post, she wrote:

Today’s writing snacks. That have been on my desk untouched for over an hour.

Likely, Sarah Millican has also shared a photo of her breakfast, which was a nutritious bowl of porridge with fruit. However, the TV star has revealed that it’s all about balance, as she still posts pictures of herself when she treats herself.  She also uses her Instagram account to display her love of cake, posting numerous photos of the dessert.

Despite her efforts to eat healthier, Sarah still indulges in desserts on occasion. Chocolate brownies and ice cream, as well as homemade chocolate chip cookies, are among her favorites. And it appears cheating sometimes on her diet has not really affected her weight loss journey.

Sarah Millican’s Love Life, From Her Ex-departure Husband to Her New Marriage With a Comedian!

Sarah Millican is married to fellow comic Gary Delaney. The couple married shortly after Christmas in 2013. Sarah tweeted at the time to announce the news of their wedding:  “Thrilled to announce that @garydelaney and I got married last weekend. We are loved up and beaming. X.”

Sarah Millican and her second husband, Gary Delaney, on BBC1's The Wall.

Sarah Millican and her second husband, Gary Delaney, on BBC1’s The Wall.
Source: BBC One

Millican and Delaney began dating in 2006 when they met at her second job.  Despite dating for seven years prior to marriage, the couple did not live together until after they married. Later, Sarah discussed her relationship with her husband on Alan Carr’s chat show, saying:

I moved out of my rented flat that I’d be in for six years and bought a house like an adult, it’s big stuff, we’ve been together for seven years. I just got sick of taking the bins out.

However, Sarah was previously married before her marriage to Gary, but the relationship ended in heartbreak for her. Sarah married her first husband, Andrew Millican, in 1997, but the marriage ended abruptly in 2004 when he unexpectedly left her, and Sarah moved back in with her parents for two and a half years.

Despite finding new love and remarrying, Sarah revealed in her 2017 book How To Be Champion that she is still upset about how he got up and left her. She stated,

At the moment, I cry daily. At random times. I’ve had a counsellor for a long time and will always, because I find them sort of helpful, and I’m really interested in how my brain works. It’s been a few years now. When I got divorced I knew I needed someone to talk things out with, I didn’t really want to.