RuPaul’s Plastic Surgery – The Complete Journey!


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RuPaul's Plastic Surgery - The Complete Journey!

Since the debut of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in 2009, the series has become associated with the sight of drag queens dressed in ornate outfits strutting and actively lip-syncing to pop music.

Drag culture predates “Drag Race” by decades, but due to the dynamic personality of RuPaul and the series of young drag queens, the competition still attracts millions of audiences on both Vh1 and Logo TV.

Even though they don’t compete, the contestants experience a career-boosting exposure alongside the modeling sensation and host.

RuPaul’s show helped to popularize drag queens, catchphrases, and fashions in a way that few other TV shows or movies have ever done.

Fans are often curious to learn about RuPaul’s plastic surgery details, so here we have presented everything we know so far.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Before and After Plastic Surgery

At the age of five, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” host Gia Gunn realized she was raised with the wrong body.

It’s been a long and challenging journey, but today she’s an active and confident transgender woman heading on the next stage in her transition: plastic surgery.

Earlier in 2018, she unveiled the #30DaysInTransition initiative to record her breast reconstruction procedure on social media alongside Leif Rogers, MD, FACS.

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The larger than life drag queen tells her journey to gain awareness and encourage healthy surgery solutions for the trans community and beyond.

Some have resorted to harmful and unethical gender change practices, and Gia said she needs people to recognize the dangers involved, but at the same time offering hope for a remedy.

After many years of struggling with my gender and finally being able to accept the woman I am, I look in the mirror and don’t feel the same connection to my body as I do mentally. I know that surgery will not necessarily make me happier but will definitely allow me to gain confidence and I do believe that will show from within.

Gia endured three years of hormone replacement therapy, but after a consultation with Dr. Rogers in April 2018, she felt willing to proceed with surgery.

“Gia is an ideal leader for the transgender community and has made smart, deliberate decisions in how to proceed in her transition process,” said Rogers.

Dr. Rogers offered Gia breast implants and moving weight to her buttocks and hips. These are the first steps of her transition. Dr. Rogers carries over 13 years of expertise in reconstructive and plastic surgery — providing the best quality treatment for each patient.

I admire Gia for her sense of esthetic, which aligns with my own, in that she prefers a natural look, that is congruent with her ethnicity and the appearance of an unaltered female form. She is the epitome of good taste and excellent judgment.

Gia stumbled upon Dr. Rogers on social media — through Instagram and Snapchat. “I felt comfortable with the idea of him working on me and was convinced that the facility is clean and professional. I’m confident Dr. Rogers will give me the results I want.”

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Gia began a GoFundMe Kickstarter to raise the $30,000 needed for the procedure, with over $7,000 donated within two weeks.

She built a devoted following of 425,000 fans on social media via her trans-activism and “Drag Race” performance.

RuPaul Talks About Plastic Surgery and Wellness

Back in 1992, RuPaul Charleswho is indifferent to gender-specific pronouns – sang, “You better work.”

Since then, RuPaul’s Drag Race, the author, icon, and host of the cult TV favorite, spent his life discovering what “works” for him. Of the items that don’t work for him: buying off the shelf, refusing food for the soul.

During an interview with The Cut, the actor spoke about the connection between plastic surgery and health, and why it succeeds so much.

Speaking of plastic surgery and wellbeing, RuPaul said: “Our show celebrates plastic surgery. On Friday, Dr. Terry Dubrow invited me into the operating room while he gave someone a face-lift. I sat right next to him. It was fascinating and I had nothing but love for women on the table. I got to see where the human spirit met with the human body. It was such a beautiful experience, witnessing that place where it all happens.”

The actor added, “Our whole objective with the show is to guide people in the direction that is most helpful when it comes to taking care of their body. We live longer as humans today. No one has shame about putting on a new roof or rotating their tires. Somehow, in our Christian-Judeo background, we have shame about vanity.”

The drag queen continued, “Renée Zellweger’s face is talked about on our first show. Ultimately, it’s all good. People like to talk. As my mother said, “Ru — pay them b*****s no mind unless they’re paying your bills.” Go for it. Whatever you want to do — so long as you don’t hurt anybody else. People are going to talk. B*****s are going to hate. But don’t let that stop you. They elected Bush twice.”

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