‘Love, Guaranteed’ Actress Rachael Leigh Cook’s Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?


'Love, Guaranteed' Actress Rachael Leigh Cook's Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True

Learn all the facts behind Rachael Leigh Cook’s plastic surgery speculations.

“She’s All That” transformed the life of Rachael Leigh Cook. The 1999 teen romantic comedy — a modern-day reimagining of “Pygmalion”—featured Cook as Laney Boggs, a cozy, artistic outcast who, towards the end of the 1990s, turned into an absolute hottie and won the heart of the high school heartthrob portrayed by Freddie Prinze Jr.

As the film dropped in theaters, it earned $103 million globally and turned both of its protagonists into coveted Hollywood assets.

Meanwhile, Rachael Leigh Cook is currently igniting plastic surgery speculations following her appearance in Netflix’s new rom-com Love, Guaranteed. Images before and after display the incredible change of the actress over the years.

Did Rachael Leigh Cook Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Rachael Leigh Cook before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Rachael Leigh Cook before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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Rachael Leigh Cook, who is currently making rounds for alleged plastic surgery, soared to fame with her unforgettable appearance in the 1999 young romantic comedy She’s All That.

The hit film was Rachael’s breakthrough performance that saw her star opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. And although she’s done some cult hits like Josie and the Pussycats, the star hasn’t acted in too many rom-coms recently.

Now that she features in Love, Guaranteed, some viewers are interested in looking back at Rachael’s transformation in appearance.

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21 years later, Rachael is back doing romantic comedy with Love, Guaranteed.

In the Netflix film, Rachael portrays Susan, a single lawyer who devotes her life to her profession. Susan’s life transforms as she encounters bachelor Nick (Damon Wayans, Jr.) who decides to sue Love Guaranteed for not finding a romantic partner after almost 1,000 dates through the platform.

After several years, Rachael is still bringing life to her She’s All That character, Laney Boggs. Most fans claim she’s barely aged all these years.

For instance, one Twitter user said: “Rachael Leigh Cook literally does not age.”

The actress ignited speculation of plastic surgery following her appearance in the Netflix rom-com. Rachael, however, is yet to disclose if she has had any surgical treatments performed in the past.

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The actress appears to be aging backward, looking at her character in Love, Guaranteed, as well as her appearances at the red carpet in the last few years. Needless to add, she looks fantastic for her age.

The only plastic surgery operation Rachael could have undergone is a nose surgery, as the shape of her nasal zone looks somewhat different than what it appeared before.

The Actress Talks Body Image and Industry Pressure

Rachael Leigh Cook, who is the mother of two kids, succeeded to maintain an amazingly good physique even in her 40s. In a previous interview, she spoke about body confidence and the strain that many actors face in the early phases of their careers.

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Talking to Fox News, the actress said:

I remember gaining quite a bit of weight on the first movie that I worked on because, ‘hey, free food!’.


You’re at that stage where your body is just changing so actively, so it was a natural change, but I remember finishing that film and realizing that I had gained probably 10 pounds over the course of filming which is a lot when you’re only 5’2.


I knew then that I needed to go and really try and get healthy.

Rachael added, “I think that it’s something that many, many teenage girls go through, especially ones that are achievers and ambitious. You’re looking for a sense of control, and when you’re in a really transitional phase in your teenage years, I think it’s a pretty normal reaction to develop food issues.”

Rachael Leigh Cook Praises Online Dating

Rachael Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr. were recently questioned about whether or not they ever plunged into the online dating arena.

During an exclusive conversation with TooFab, the stars shared their fictional matchmaking experiences when they addressed their upcoming Netflix rom-com “Love, Guaranteed,” which follows the life of a single guy (Wayans) who employs a lawyer (Cook) to sue a dating app agency after being told they would find him a romantic partner.

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Speaking of meeting someone over the internet, the actress said:

I have a little bit, you know, it’s interesting. It’s the best possible way to talk to a stranger. I like it.

“But I’m dating someone wonderful now, so I’ve stopped that,” she stated, speaking of her new beau, Kevin, who she met after getting divorced from her 15 years marriage with her husband, Daniel Gillies, in 2019.

It’s pretty fun to see the way —  just as an actor — I just think it’s interesting to see how people present themselves. There’s a character study moment.

As for Damon, he seemed to have a largely different experience. The Bulletproof actor joked,

Yeah, I online date mainly when my wife’s asleep.

The 60-year-old explained:

Naw, I’ve never online dated before. But I have a lot of friends who, you know, give me a lot of horror stories, but also good stories. I know a couple who have been going strong for probably like three years now and they met online.

Rachael went on to add how amusing she considers it when the person is alluded to as their [online] dating nickname for the rest of their lives.

Like my friend has been married for five years now to ‘Silverlake Rob’ and we can’t call him anything else. He’s like, ‘I’m just Rob.’ And we’re like, ‘No, you’re not.’

With their latest romantic comedy becoming a fun escape for people self-isolating during the pandemic, Rachael and Damon disclosed how they prevented themselves from being lonely at home.

Damon revealed:

I write a list of things to do every night before I go to sleep. And then I wake up and everything I do, I just check off.


So at least it’s like I have some type of schedule and structure, even if it’s like stupid things. Like the top of my list is ‘wake up.’ I wake up, I go ‘check.’


It helps not to just like melt into eternity.

Rachael, meanwhile, joked:

Melting into eternity?! That was so poetic. How am I supposed to follow that?! He just dropped that and then I’m supposed to follow that with something stupid?

In a bit more seriousness, she went on to say how her two kids helped save her from feeling bored — but also the notion of actually burying one’s head in the sand.

Denial has been working out pretty well for me. Other than that — it’s a day at a time.

The producer of “Love, Guaranteed” — Mark Steven Johnson — said he hoped the film would be a perfect escape from the current atmosphere as well.

I just wanted to make something to make people feel good. You know, that brings people together. You can have some laughs and some sweetness for 90 minutes and just come out of the movie being a little bit better than you did going in.

Later in the interview, Rachael Leigh Cook remembered the parallels between her offbeat lead, Laney, in the 1999 classic sitcom “She’s All That” and her lonely prosecutor, Susan, in “Love, Guaranteed.”

I did sort of think to myself that hopefully tones of that movie translate to this one — so I can hopefully steal a little bit. I like to think that I’m a lot more fun in my real life than Susan. I’m not sure, the jury’s still out. But yeah, it did feel interesting and feel similar to that in some ways.

The actress, often subject to plastic surgery, concluded, “But playing someone who’s surprised by a love in their life is — it’s one of the most fun things to play.”

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