Nancy Pelosi’s Plastic Surgery: Eyebrows, New Face, Twitter, Young, Face the Nation!


Nancy Pelosi's Plastic Surgery: Eyebrows, New Face, Twitter, Young, Face the Nation!

Nancy Pelosi is rumored to have gotten plastic surgery and eyebrows lifts. From Twitter to Instagram, her eyebrows are teeming the internet along with the face of the nation. Thus, her new eyebrows and new face have been the main concern, contrasting her pictures today to when she was young.

Serving as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the American politician Nancy Pelosi, currently making news for her cosmetic endeavors, has been dedicating most of her years in politics. Since 1987, Pelosi served as a US representative from California.

Being a member of the Democratic party, she is the first-ever woman in US history to serve as speaker of the House. Hence, Pelosi has been the source of inspiration to all women out there who are planning to enter politics but have a fear of getting rejected to this male-dominated field.

Belonging to politics, Nancy Pelosi is quite eminent, and her appearance is ubiquitous: from newspapers to the Television screens.

Therefore, a majority of people notice even the smallest bits of her physical appearance, and thus, scrutinizing her past look and present, a controversy regarding her plastic surgery has been tremendously up-training.  Are you exhilarated to find out about her surgery?

Nancy Pelosi’s Plastic Surgery: What’s Up With Her Eyebrows?

Nancy Pelosi's plastic surgery includes her new eyebrows and face.

Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery includes her new eyebrows and face.
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Born on 26th March 1940, Baltimore, Maryland, Nancy Pelosi is 82 years old. Commencing her career in politics, Pelosi was first elected to Congress in a 1987 special election. This election acted as a benediction to her, and therefore, brought a turning point in her life.

Today, she is one of the successful American politicians, making both fame and money, and has been serving as the role model to all the young females in getting into politics. Also, her contribution to American politics will forever reminisce her spark.

Apart from her professional fields, Nancy Pelosi has been gaining exposure for her looks. Even at the age of 82, she still has the same glow, and her black arched eyebrows have been enhancing her facial features. While she is living the best life with attractive facial features, a majority of people are questioning her plastic surgery.

Changing themselves to dermatologists, these people have claimed that the American politician, Nancy looks quite different from what she looked before the lockdown. According to these people, Nancy is supposed to have undergone a cosmetic surgery that’s linked with her eyebrows, maybe eyebrows lift.

Her eyebrows have been the main topic for myriads of people, and moreover, assumptions have been made regarding Pelosi getting a blepharoplasty. Scandal on her facelift, new eyebrows are all over Twitter too.

Conversely, Nancy Pelosi has never admitted to getting any kind of eyebrows lift or cosmetic surgery. Maybe, she wasn’t comfortable in sharing to the public as she’d had to listen to all the society’s tantrums, or maybe she never had any surgeries.

However, comparing and contrasting her old photos, it is discernible that her face has more beautiful features than in the past. Also, how can someone have that glowing and wrinkle-free skin at the age of 80?

No matter how gorgeous a person is or what product he\she uses, nothing can stop from aging, conversely, Nancy’s face tells a different story. After the lockdown, she suddenly aged downwards, astounding everyone.

Subsequently, supporting the general public, a Detroit-based plastic surgeon, Anthony Youn said, “A woman her age shouldn’t look that good. It appears that she has had a good amount of surgery…probably an eyelid lift and even a facelift.”

While the audience may be speaking trash just to down fame her, why would a plastic surgeon fake speculate about her plastic surgery?

Thus, a surgeon definitely can sense the strong instinct of someone getting any facials or implants. To that point, there’s a high probability that the 82-year-old, Nancy Pelosi, did undergo cosmetic surgery.

A Quick Glance at Nancy Pelosi’s Married Life

Entering the conjugal life in 1963, the prominent American politician, Nancy Pelosi is married to Paul Pelosi, an eminent American businessman.

While it’s been a plethora of years of their togetherness, they are still the same cute bubbly couple and have the strongest bond. Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul, are the epitome of what love is. Being by each other’s side through every thick and thin, they have never eschewed each other.

They did confront several ups and downs in their love life, but the main difference between them and the other couple is that Nancy and her husband, Paul never gave up on each other, rather tried every stern initiative in making their relationship better.

Slowly and steadily, making their love even better, they never stopped caring about each other. Also, adding more trust and defining their love, they are the parents to their five children, and presently, they have nine grandchildren.

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