Manny MUA BBL: Personal Fears or Aesthetic Reasons?

Chloe Sanchez

Manny MUA BBL: Personal Fears or Aesthetic Reasons?

Manny MUA has admitted to having a BBL; the infamous Brazilian Butt lift. There is no denying that he has a huge butt than before. His body-to-butt ratio does not appear to be normal. The makeup artist revealed undergoing the procedure in 2014. He got BBL to alleviate his fears rather than for aesthetic reasons.

Manny MUA is a gay social media makeup guru. He has approximately 4.85 million YouTube subscribers, where he gives beauty instructions to both men and women and 4.1 million Instagram followers, where his average photo receives around 200,000 likes.

The YouTuber has created his cosmetic line, Lunar Cosmetic, which sells lipstick, lip gloss, and makeup palettes. Moreover, he was the first ever male celebrity to collaborate with Maybelline for an advertising campaign, demonstrating his mascara abilities with fellow cosmetics sensation Shayla Mitchell.

The social media personality has been making news for some time now since many people know he got a BBL to enhance the curve of his buttocks. Fans are looking for further information regarding Manny MUA’s plastic surgery; Brazilian Butt lift. Well, here is what we have covered.

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Manny MUA Got BBL in 2014 to Alleviate Hil Fears Rather Than for Aesthetic Reasons

Manny MUA has admitted to having a BBL (Brazilian Butt lift) in 2014. It is a common plastic surgery procedure that includes moving fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks. The surgery is well-known for producing a more voluptuous and elevated look.

There is no denying that the makeup artist has a huge butt than before. His body-to-butt ratio does not appear to be normal. He revealed undergoing the procedure in 2014 in a YouTube video titled, Finally Addressing the Rumors About Me. He said he performed it to alleviate his fears rather than for aesthetic reasons.

Manny MUA got BBL to calm his personal fears rather than for aesthetic reasons. weightandskin.comManny MUA got BBL to calm his fears rather than for aesthetic reasons.
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The beauty blogger’s choice to address the BBL rumors elicited conflicting reactions. Some admirers backed him up, while others chastised him for not being forthcoming about the procedure. On the other hand, Manny stated that he wanted to be honest with his supporters and to set the record straight.

The American YouTuber’s decision to have a BBL is entirely personal. His revelation serves as a reminder that celebrities are frequently under pressure to comply with artificial beauty standards. His candor about his BBL is a positive step toward destigmatizing cosmetic surgery and making it more usual for individuals to talk about their experiences.

The Untold Truth About Manny MUA

Manny Gutierrez, well known by his stage name Manny MUA (@mannymua733) is a pioneer. One of the tiny but rising numbers of males earning fame in the beauty industry is working to redefine the industry’s face while simultaneously breaking down gender prejudices. Gone are the days when women were supposed to be beauty influencers; talented artists like Manny have entirely transformed the game.

Being a male in the industry has presented numerous problems for Manny in his professional career, but he is no new to overcoming barriers. He has overcome several challenges, including growing up in the LGBTQ community and being a male in a female-dominated field. However, the obstacles have only strengthened and inspired him to strive even more.

While the makeup artist may not have had a lot of beauty exposure, his mom was enough to spark his initial interest in makeup. His fascination with it began when he was a kid, watching his mom put on her makeup. However, it wasn’t until much later on that Manny started to dabble in makeup himself.

Makeup has been Manny MUA's passion since his childhood. weightandskin.comMakeup has been Manny MUA’s passion since his childhood.
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The social media star’s parents were fully unaware of his passion for cosmetics and expected him to pursue a completely other professional path. His family first encouraged him to pursue a career as a doctor. Gutierrez’s fascination with cosmetics caused some friction in his family. He didn’t want to annoy his family, so he originally banned them on Instagram so they wouldn’t be aware of his rising power in the beauty market.

However, as his media presence rose, he was unable to conceal his burgeoning celebrity. His family became aware of it and started concerned about how his internet presence might affect his plans. Manny’s family disapproved of him not just because of his passion for cosmetics, but also because of his sexuality. He grew up in a Mormon home, and his parents were originally opposed to what they saw as a lifestyle choice.

While his parents were unsure how to handle having a homosexual kid when MUA first came out, all they wanted was for their child to be happy. They came to embrace their son’s sexuality after learning about it. His parents are now completely behind him, and his father has even publicly chastised someone who has attacked the makeup artist.