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November 21, 2023

Jake Fullington’s Incredible Weight Loss Explained in Detail

Jake Fullington looks much slimmer after the weight loss. He has shed half of his weight. His before and after...
November 1, 2023

Nikocado Avocado’s Shocking Weight Loss! Reddit Updates and More

Mukbang YouTuber Nikocado Avocado has undergone an impressive weight loss. He used to weigh 400 pounds. When you compare Avocado’s...
October 28, 2023

Did Lori Holt Undergo Weight Loss? She Looks Fit & Fine!

Lori Holt’s recent appearance shows she has undergone a significant weight loss journey. Although she hasn’t disclosed the secrets behind...
September 8, 2023

Manny MUA BBL: Personal Fears or Aesthetic Reasons?

Manny MUA has admitted to having a BBL; the infamous Brazilian Butt lift. There is no denying that he has...
June 25, 2023

Brooklyn and Bailey Nose Job: Reddit Users Examine Their Before and After Pictures!

As Reddit users inquired, Brooklyn and Bailey both received nose jobs previously as they were having problem breathing. Comparing their...
March 9, 2023

Bloveslife’s Weight Gain in 2023: Surgery or Health Problems? The Real Reason Behind Her Overweight Appearance!

Bloveslife’s weight gain appearance in 2023 has shocked everyone and the 48-year-old YouTuber recently addressed the reason behind it. She...
February 28, 2023

Alyssa McKay’s Plastic Surgery: Bothered by Her Uneven Eyelids, the TikTok Star Got Blepharoplasty!

Talking about plastic surgery, Alyssa Mckay is open about getting blepharoplasty. The 23-year-old TikTok revealed that she decided to get...
February 26, 2023

Talia Mar’s Plastic Surgery: Before and After Nose Job Examined!

Talking about plastic surgery, Talia Mar is open about undergoing two nose jobs. The 26-year-old star revealed that she underwent...
January 25, 2023

Emily Canham’s Weight Loss in 2023: The 24-Year-Old Influencer Looks as if She Is Sick!

Emily Canham’s weight loss appearance has been a major subject of concern for her fans in 2023 as they are...
November 4, 2022

Philip DeFranco’s Weight Loss: Reddit Users Wonder How the Youtuber Looks Much Leaner!

Philip DeFranco recently updated his fans about his weight loss journey that he has lost over 60 pounds and weighs...
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