Has Kayla Itsines Received Any Plastic Surgery?

Chloe Sanchez

Has Kayla Itsines Received Any Plastic Surgery?

Many people have recently accused Kayla Itsines of undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures, including cheekbone fillers and a nose job. They claim that the Australian personal trainer’s face has changed a lot. However, the 31-year-old star has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations.

If you look up fitspiration in the dictionary, you’re sure to come across a photo of Kayla Itsines. The Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur went from instructing customers at the gym to running her own business, fast turning it into a million-dollar brand with her as the face (and body). And this was all before she was 30.

Kayla Itsines, who hadn’t a clue about Instagram before she started posting transformation pics of her clients, teaches women that being strong is better than being skinny, and that feeling fit is more important than the numbers on the scale. Aside from being perhaps one of the healthiest prominent role models for young women, Itsines lives a normal life like everyone else.

Apart from that, some fans claim that Kayla Itsines looks a little different now as her face does not look natural at all. As a result, they wonder if she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. Well, let’s find the truth.

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Kayla Itsines’ Plastic Surgery: The Australian Personal Trainer Has Been Accused of Getting a Nose Job and Cheekbone Fillers!

You definitely want to look well in front of those who recognize you when you become popular. That’s what the majority of celebs do. Similarly, some have speculated that Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) underwent plastic surgery like a nose job and cheekbone fillers following her popularity in the fitness industry.

Kayla Itsines before and after plastic surgery.Kayla Itsines before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: WEIGHT&Skin

Kayla Itsines has millions of devoted admirers due to her incredible workouts, personable personality, and stunning physique. However, Kayla Itsines’ latest appearance is the subject of attention today because the multimillionaire workout queen’s face seems to have changed slightly since she first entered the fitness profession.

When comparing previous and new images of the 31-year-old fitness trainer, it appears she has had plastic surgery because she now has a notably smoother nose and larger cheeks than before.

Kayla also appears to have a tighter face, which may be due to the mini-facials she gets every eight days. According to her website, the Adelaide-born Bikini Body Guide founder also moisturizes twice a day and uses a night serum twice a week.

The entrepreneur has already prompted rumors of cosmetic alterations, with followers questioning if she had a nose job last year. Her fans were sure that her nose had been Photoshopped after she appeared on the cover of Vogue Australia.

However, Kayla Itsines’ has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations as of this writing. All of the above allegations regarding the 31-year-old fitness trainer receiving plastic surgery procedures are based on speculation. Furthermore. We will get to you soon as we received any information about Kayla’s cosmetic enhancement.

Kayla Itsines Is a Secret Millionaire!

At the age of 18, Kayla Itsines was a licensed personal trainer employed in Adelaide, Australia. She found herself as bored and frustrated as her clients when leading workout courses for largely older ladies.

According to Bloomberg, Itsines broke rank one day and led the group in a series of regimented activities, which they enjoyed. Her little sister’s friends then approached her and asked her to coach them for the school netball team. Her cousin suggested Itsines use Instagram to build her profile by posting before and after photos of her delighted customers. Within months, prospective clients from all across the country had found her thanks to those all-important hashtags. They were all eager for her to train them.

Kayla Itsines became a licensed personal trainer when she was just 18.Kayla Itsines became a licensed personal trainer when she was just 18.
Image Source: Instagram

Fellow personal trainer, and her now-fiancé, Tobias Pearce (@tobi_pearce) assisted Itsines in creating a simple training book (which became the Bikini Body book) to sell online based on the same basic routines, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Itsines amassed millions of Instagram followers in a matter of years, with her BBG guidelines flying off the shelves as devotees attempted to mimic her healthy, super-fit lifestyle. Her riches expanded significantly as thousands of ladies around the world paid $19.99 every month for them.

The personal trainer and entrepreneur then decided to take her show on the road, with a tour comprised of extremely popular live group workshops that, predictably, sold out in minutes.

She and Pearce also turned the BBG into a snazzy app called SWEAT, which, according to Bloomberg, outperformed even big fish like Nike in terms of first sales. Itsines and Pearce were again named to the 2016 BRW Young Rich List, with an estimated combined fortune of $46 million (the specifics of their firm are kept private). Itsines was awarded the top fitness influencer by Forbes in 2017. All of this before she was 30.