Megyn Kelly has done multiple plastic surgery procedures because she has shown no signs of aging in her fifties. She has no wrinkles or sagging skin in any part of her face, which should not be possible at the age of 52. She possibly had a nose job, breast implant, Botox, facelift, and cheek fillers.

Because there are so many new rumors or news on the internet, we always watch TV every day. People continue to watch TV news, more and more news anchors become famous, and some are even considered celebrities. Megyn Kelly, known for her beauty and smart image, is one of the most popular news anchors. People admire not only her face but also her feet, which are thought to be beautiful. However, the news about Megyn Kelly’s plastic surgery is still making the rounds.

The American journalist got into trouble with Jane Fonda, who gave her the stink eye when she asked about her previous plastic surgery in 2018. But did Kelly do any of the work herself? In her fifties, she shows no signs of aging, prompting people to speculate about the possibility of plastic surgery. Has she gone under the knife to control the effects of aging? Let’s find out what’s going on.

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Megyn Kelly’s Plastic Surgery Includes Nose Job, Breast Implant, Botox, Facelift, and Cheek Fillers

Megyn Kelly’s (@meginkelly) tumultuous life has included divorce, plastic surgery rumors, a troubled older sister, and a risqué photo shoot. She got into trouble with Jane Fonda, who gave her the stink eye when she asked about her previous plastic surgery in 2018. According to sources, the elegant news anchor has spent up to $1.4 million on plastic surgery procedures.

A plastic surgeon who has not treated the attorney examined old photos of her and claimed she has undergone multiple surgeries. According to the TV star, she was an ugly duckling, not cute enough for most of the boys in sixth grade. She was overweight, had a gap between her teeth, and had acne-prone skin, which she still has.

When you first see Megyn Kelly, you will notice that she has a large nose bridge with a large bottom area. There are also some bumps on her nose. However, in her most recent appearance, you can see that her nose has slimmed down, the bottom area has shrunk slightly, and the bumps have vanished. That is not normal, because even with makeup, they could never create such an appearance on her.

Megyn Kelly before the nose job.Megyn Kelly before the nose job.
Source: Hollywood Life

However, when you look at the political commentator’s old pictures in greater detail, you will notice that the change in her nose area has occurred not once, but twice. Her first nose job appears to have been inadequate, resulting in a poor outcome. Her nose does not appear to be in good shape in some of her photos. Fortunately, her second nose job was able to correct all of them, and we can now see that she has a beautiful and sculptured nose.

Still, Megyn Kelly’s early career photos show her with small breasts, which is unattractive. She appears to be dissatisfied with her current situation and wishes to obtain a larger breast for her body. This is why we can see that she now has larger breasts on her body. The talk show host’s new breast certainly enhances her appearance, and it appears that it gives her confidence a boost.

Megyn Kelly before and after breast surgery.Megyn Kelly before and after breast surgery.
Source: Latest Plastic Surgery

You could look for a surgery scar on Megyn Kelly’s body to prove that she had a breast implant. She appears to have chosen to have the surgery done from her armpit so that the scar would be visible. It looks like a small stretch mark scar, and it was very visible despite the fact that a stretch mark cannot occur in the armpit.

The 52-year-old TV news anchor must maintain her appearance because she is required to appear on television every day. This includes the aging sign on her face, which she should not have. Given her recent appearance, it is not surprising that many people suspect she has undergone Botox as well as a facelift. You can see for yourself that she has no wrinkles or sagging skin in any part of her face, which should not be possible given her age. Nonetheless, it appears that the majority of her surgery is working well for her, and she is achieving the beauty that she desires in order to maintain her career.

Moving on to her cheek, we can see that she has beautiful plump cheeks that make her appear young. Normally, someone over the age of fifty would be unable to accomplish this because sunken cheeks are a sign of aging. This is why we suspected Megyn Kelly had used a cheek filler procedure to fill in her cheek. And the results are amazing because we can see her fresh face, making her appear younger than her actual age.