Did Karen Laine from ‘Good Bones’ Get Plastic Surgery?


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Did Karen Laine from Good Bones Get Plastic Surgery

It’s not strange to witness a TV personality being debated over whether or not she modified her appearance through plastic surgery. Almost every celebrity falls victim to such accusations, and Karen Laine is no exception.

Let’s grab all the details on Good Bones‘ Karen Laine’s plastic surgery allegations.

Good Bones’ Karen Laine Plastic Surgery – Did She Go Under the Knife?

The Good Bones star Karen Laine has become a subject of massive plastic surgery speculations amongst fans in recent days. But do the allegations carry any legs? Did the reality star really go under the knife?

Prior to her cosmetic surgery rumors, Karen Laine was also subject to weight loss speculations which she confirmed on social media when inquired by a fan under one of her photos on Instagram. As for her plastic surgery allegations, the actress is naturally tight-lipped about it.

We took it upon ourselves to contrast her recent appearance from her past look. Upon close examination, it seems likely she must have undergone some sort of plastic surgery procedures, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the precise operation. Our best bet would be Botox and facelift.

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Until Karen Laine herself breaks her silence on this matter, this shall remain mere speculation with no credible evidence to back up the plastic surgery allegations. On the other hand, we cannot rule out the possibility she looks great organically and there’s no plastic surgery involved.

Are we willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, though? Perhaps not, since every reality star tends to undergo at least a few plastic surgery operations in their lifetime.

Karen Laine is Not Fond of Being Called House Flipper

Although a lot of people would consider it a trend to repair a home and then sell it at a profit, calling the entire process house flipping, Karen Laine maintains this is not what she and her daughter Mina are doing. Instead, she sees herself and Mina as rehabbers who do not just give a house a fresh perspective, but really give it a whole new identity.

“We truly are rehabbing neighborhoods,” she told Indy Star. “If we were flipping, we wouldn’t strip down to studs, install new electrical, new HVAC, new plumbing, or whatever else needs to be done. This is rehab. These houses need a good 12-step program.”

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Rehabilitation of homes in her hometown of Indianapolis is not just a job, it is a passion project. Karen also enjoys her neighborhood and assured the best aspect of the rehabilitating homes in the city is the benefits it provides to others.

“We have this opportunity for local people to apply their trade and grow in their chosen career, which is a beautiful thing to watch,” she said.

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