Stars are often seen exercising to stay fit and eat well to appear good. Yet other celebs love the way they are, despite the immense scale of their frames. Jorge Garcia is one of the few actors who has not lost attention owing to his virtuosity.

Jorge joined the field of television as he played a part in Becker. The chubby guy has been in regular demand ever since he appeared on Lost and Hawaii Five-O, Jack, and others. His acting role in Lost provided him a good lead in developing a future, and he received a few awards along the way.

While working on Lost, Jorge had a number of movie jobs, like Little Athens, Deck the Halls, and Sweetzer. He also posted on a forum entitled Dispatches from the Island, based on Lost. He was also hosting Geronimo Jack’s Beard, a weekly podcast based on Lost Season 6.

Garcia also performed brief guest roles in shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, and Mr. Sunshine. Later, the actor stared in episodes on I Steve, Hawaii Five-O, and several others. Let’s find out the details of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – What’s the Actual Story?

Jorge Garcia shed some pounds and underwent weight loss for the role in 'Lost.'

Jorge Garcia shed some pounds and underwent weight loss for the role in ‘Lost.’
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Apart from his curly hair, Jorge’s weight has also been a topic of debate. Because of his unhealthy lifestyle, Garcia is still in the headlines. His increasing weight had been a major problem for Jorge’s family and loved ones, who wished him to stay safe and enjoy a long life.

Jorge has generally been fine, but the additional pounds are attributed to his poor eating habits. The obsession with food is the explanation of why he’s gathering a lot of weight. Originally, his weight was never a problem in his life, but he was asked to strive for weight loss.

It was a tough time for Jorge Garcia to go for weight loss. The followers were hoping for him to experience a transition, but nothing significant had changed. Instead, regardless of his unhealthy lifestyle, the star did not lose weight. Jorge weighed up to 400 lbs, so his peers and near relatives became constantly concerned about Jorge and his unrecommended weight.

Doctors recommended Jorge to go on a weight loss program because of his unhealthy alcohol and eating behaviors, but in the end, Jorge Garcia’s weight loss didn’t exactly succeed as much as he had hoped.

What was Jorge Garcia’s Inspiration for Weight Loss?

Being overweight was never a concern in Jorge’s life, but it was in Lost that he was asked to lose weight. Garcia, along with a team of dietitians and trainers, started placing the star on a weight loss regimen. His unhealthy dietary patterns were substituted by a balanced diet. Jorge also went on a diet in Nooch.

Fruits and vegetables also substituted fried products. Jorge began consuming low-carb, high-protein meals in the diet, and during his exercises. Jorge avoided consuming alcohol with a strong commitment. This resulted in a 30 lbs weight loss for the actor. Yet when the time came, and he saw little change, Jorge succumbed to his noxious ways. He avoided feeding and kept on smoking again.

Years elapsed, and Jorge Garcia exceeded 400 lbs. in weight, which was a significant problem for the star. His main worry was that he wanted to be safe from food addiction habit to get rid of his body’s unpleasant appetite.

According to dietitians, there may be an underlying explanation that he was feeding rather destructively. If the origin of the condition is established, Garcia should be able to lose weight successfully. His obesity became a danger to his health because he was at risk of diabetes and cardiac attacks.

Friends and relatives became worried about Garcia. In one interview, a near relative reported that Jorge had undergone a gastric bypass, which drained his stomach and was expected to reduce his weight. Yet these are all rumors, and there was no clarification from the star himself.

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Garcia adopted Nooch ‘s plan to get rid of his extra weight. The Nooch diet, also known as the Nutritional Yeast diet, uses deactivated yeast to break down fat and allow the human to lose weight. Although there was no proof that Nooch was specifically linked to weight loss, large levels of B12 had broken-down fats and converted them into extra strength and vitality proteins.

In certain cases, Nooch may be introduced into one’s diet. Vegans prefer to dust on their spaghetti and broth. Nooch may also be mixed into nutritious ingredients, like vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli, and protein sources or fibrous products, to help lose weight even quicker. Drinking alcohol contributes to weight, so if Jorge were to be effective on his weight loss quest, he needed to keep away from drinking.

Diet, coupled with great exercise, decreases weight, but Jorge needed to contact doctors and dietitians to get the body to safety tests before moving on a diet. Apart from Nooch, there’s even a system that will trim people down and help them get to the form they want. The GM diet is to be strictly practiced for seven days without disappointment.

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