Eileen ‘Irene’ Coronation Street Weight Loss: Sue Cleaver’s Fitness Journey!


Eileen 'Irene' from Coronation Street had a massive weight loss. weightandskin.com

Eileen ‘Irene’ Grimshaw from Coronation Street underwent a significant weight loss and a massive transformation. Sue Cleaver, the actress who plays Irene, lost more than three stones and dropped down to a size 12 from size 16. Many wondered if she had weight loss surgery but as it turned out, she just followed the Mediterranean diet. 

Coronation Street fans are always shocked to see the transformation of Irene Grimshaw from the show. Sue Cleaver, the actress who portrays the role, has undergone significant weight loss in recent years and looks completely different from how she looked when she started acting in the show. She reportedly went down to a size 12 from size 16. (By the way, she’s actually named Eileen and not Irene. I know they sound the same but on the show, it’s Eileen. And so, let’s go by what it’s according to the series.)

Let’s learn more about Sue Cleaver’s weight loss journey! Did she have surgery or did she lose weight the natural way?

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Coronation Street: Eileen ‘Irene’ Grimshaw’s Weight Loss; Did She Have Surgery?

Irene Grimshaw from Coronation Street (she’s really Eileen Grimshaw) underwent a massive weight loss in recent years. She dropped more than three stones and went from being a size 16 to a size 12.

Sue Cleaver (@officialsuecleaver) has been portraying the role of Eileen (not Irene) Grimshaw in Coronation Street since 2000. She was a bit on the heavier side back then. Now, she has shed all that extra weight and has had a massive transformation since then. Her significant weight loss has made her look completely unrecognizable and it is often the topic of discussion among Corrie fans.

Eileen 'Irene' Grimshaw from Coronation Street has had a significant weight loss in recent years. weightandskin.comEileen ‘Irene’ Grimshaw from Coronation Street has had a significant weight loss in recent years.
Image Source: The Sun

It’s impressive how Eileen Grimshaw lost more than three stones in recent years. Fans are always eager to know more about the transformation regarding how and why she did it. They got more intrigued about how she managed to pull off that weight loss during her stint on I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here because she really grew in popularity at the time and she also admitted to shedding some pounds but she didn’t reveal how she lost weight.

Because Irene’s weight loss was very dramatic and changed her appearance to the point of unrecognizability, many wondered if she might not have taken the natural way and chosen to get surgery to lose weight. There’s nothing that suggests that Sue Cleaver has had surgery but because she didn’t speak about her transformation for some time, it made people draw all kinds of conclusions.

Those Coronation Street viewers who made that speculation turned out to be wrong. As Irene Eileen Grimshaw revealed, she actually followed a diet routine hailed for its numerous health benefits that aided her in her weight loss journey. She had never even considered having surgery. It was just the change in her eating habits that transformed her physicality and appearance dramatically.

Sue Cleaver shared that she started her weight loss and fitness journey in 2011 when she collapsed on the set of Corrie and was rushed to the hospital. She was diagnosed with diabetes after which she began to take her health seriously. She realized that her weight could be a disadvantage in terms of health so, she changed her eating habits and that was all it took for her to lose weight.

Sue Cleaver’s Weight Loss Journey: Eileen ‘Irene’ Grimshaw From Coronation Street Followed Mediterranean Diet!

Eileen 'Irene' Grimshaw from Coronation Street followed the Mediterranean diet. weightandskin.comEileen ‘Irene’ Grimshaw from Coronation Street followed the Mediterranean diet.
Image Source: Nottinghamshire Live

Coronation Street‘s Irene Grimshaw changed her lifestyle after the incident. She started following a diet routine called the Mediterranean diet, which is packed with nutritional foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, beans, whole grains, cereals, fish, and unsaturated fats such as olive oil and usually includes a low intake of meat, dairy foods and any foods with high sugar content. The change in her eating habits resulted in her weight loss.

Sue Cleaver‘s health improved a lot after she began the Mediterranean diet. It’s very commendable how she stuck to the diet seeing as how much she loved food. An insider revealed to Woman magazine that Eileen was a foodie and she only started her health (and weight loss) journey because she wanted to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Sue was always a self-confessed foodie, who admitted that over-indulgence was her Achilles Heel. Now everything’s changed. Sue’s in her mid-50s so it was a no-brainer that cutting down on certain things was what she had to do. She’s in this for the long game and wants to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Sue Cleaver may have undergone weight loss by following a diet routine but she sure is not obsessed about diets. That’s what she said in an interview with Prima Magazine. She said that life is hard enough without obsessing over diets. She explained how there were always going to be outside pressure and unfair expectations placed on women and that she would refuse to get pulled into it. And that’s why she would never promote anything weight-related and why she would always compliment somebody on their smile or outfit, rather than their weight.