Ben Napier’s Weight Loss in 2023: How Much and How Did He Lose?


Ben Napier’s Weight Loss in 2023: How Much and How Did He Lose?

As of 2023, Ben Napier’s weight loss has inspired many fans. The question of how much and how did Ben Napier lose weight lingered around the internet. He is predicted to lose more than 65 pounds in one year, and people love how his current transformation looks. In order to lose weight, he works out daily in the gym he built in the barn.

Ben Napier is a famous American television personality, TV host, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and professional woodworker from Laurel, Mississippi, United States. He started gaining fame after hosting the show Home Town, which aired on HGTV, along with his wife, Erin Napier. He has recently been in the news after the new season of HGTV’s Home Town released its first teaser.

Fans are going crazy over the new season of Home Town. Ben and Erin posted about being excited to serve their fans with different entertainment this time. They said that they can’t show their fans just yet what they’re working on, but they can assure viewers that everyone is going to love this next season.

After the news, many people wanted to know more about Ben Napier’s current life. Some are also questioning his big achievement this year, which led to his weight loss. In this article, we will be talking about his weight loss journey in 2023. To know more, read this article.

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Ben Napier Shocked His Fans With His Weight Loss Journey as of 2023!

Ben Napier ( is guessed to have a weight loss of more than 65 pounds as of 2023. Many people are inspired by his determination, and his current look has been many people’s favorite. Although loves eating everything, many people believe he has cut off many foods to look fit.

Ben has shocked his fans with his transformation this year. The HGTV star has always been in the news for his weight. People have been commenting on his weight, and people have suggested that he should lose weight since his early days. It seems like he has finally made up his mind and impressed his fans with his weight loss in 2023.

Ben Napier's immense weight loss has raised the question of how much weight did he exactly lose. weightandskin.comBen Napier’s immense weight loss has raised the question of how much weight did he exactly lose.
Image Source: Weight and Skin

Ben’s wife, Erin Napier, proudly posted a reel on July 18, 2023, of her husband’s success in weight loss and wrote about the mission to be accomplished. Many people expressed their happiness for Ben’s transformation, and some wanted to know about his diet and workout routine. She mentioned being a proud wife and the whole story behind his weight loss as; got hardcore about his health and fitness last winter ahead of his big shoulder surgery that was in march so he could sleep better on his back and lower his BP. mission accomplished 

How Much Weight Did Ben Napier Lose?

After Erin Napier‘s (@erinapier) post went viral on Instagram, people wanted to know how much weight did Ben Napier had lost. Erin has mentioned that her husband, Ben, has lost 65 pounds till March 2023, but many people assume that he had lost more than that by July, as his Tommy shows the difference. She tweeted a post of the first day, filming with Chance and Emily.

Well, it’s not the first time Ben has talked about his weight or transformation. Previously, before welcoming his daughter Mae into the world, he talked about his weight loss. He has admitted that his family has been his motivation for a healthier lifestyle for many years. He mentioned being old and taking care of himself for his family and said;

I’ve got two daughters—you know one on the way. I am getting older. I’m trying to take a little bit better care of myself. I need to start working out a little more intentionally. So, I’m using pull-ups as like a benchmark. This is my new lifestyle. This is every day.

What Diet Did Ben Napier Follow to Lose Weight?

Talking about Ben Napier‘s workout routine, he seems to be pretty good with it. In 2022, he makes mention of using pull-ups as a benchmark for a new routine in his weight loss journey. His wife has also mentioned in 2023 that he has been building a gym in the barn and has lost many pounds. He struggled with high blood pressure early, which is now under control with the help of exercise.

Ben Napier has built a gym in the barn in the efforts of losing weight. weightandskin.comBen Napier has built a gym in the barn in an effort of losing weight.
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In terms of Ben’s eating habits, he loves visiting new places and exploring new dishes. He mentioned loving mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles with tots and patties. If you follow him on Instagram and see his episodes, you may know that there’s nothing he doesn’t love, from veggies to meat; everything seems to be his favorite.