Hugh Bonneville’s Weight Loss: The Downton Abbey Star’s Diet and Workout!


Hugh Bonneville's Weight Loss: The Downton Abbey Star's Diet and Workout!

Hugh Bonneville underwent a significant weight loss during the pandemic. The Downton Abbey star hired a personal trainer and followed a no-carb diet and lost 16 pounds. Hugh Bonneville came out of the pandemic looking visibly thinner with a much slimmer physique which sparked weight loss discussion on Twitter.

Hugh Richard Bonneville Williams aka Hugh Bonneville (born on 10 November 1963) is a classically trained English actor best known for his role as Robert Crawley, 7th Earl of Grantham in the ITV historical drama Downton Abbey. His performance on the show earned him a Golden Globe nomination, two Primetime Emmy Award nominations in a row, and three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

Hugh Bonneville spent years on stage, including a brief run with the Royal Shakespeare Company, honing his craft. He became a regular on British television starting in 1990. His supporting roles in Notting Hill (1999) and Mansfield Park (1999) wowed international audiences. While maintaining a steady presence on British television, he gained international acclaim for his supporting roles as a publisher in Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairy Tale (Hallmark Channel, 2003), famous diarist Samuel Pepys in Stage Beauty (2004), Mr. Bennet in Lost in Austen (ITV, 2008), and Pontius Pilate in Ben Hur (ABC, 2010).

Even though the actor had a successful career and many people admired him for his acting, some people bullied him because they only saw the actor’s body and not his acting, leading to his weight loss journey, which he has been very open about over the years.

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Hugh Bonneville’s Weight Loss Journey: What Inspired The English Actor To Lose Weight?

Hugh Bonneville (@bonhughbon) has surprised a lot of his people with his major transformation. According to the actor, he has attempted to lose weight several times throughout his lifetime. According to Hugh, his wife was the catalyst for his most recent weight loss journey. After he returned home from work, his wife Lulu Williams described him as ‘fat as a pig.’ The actor was humiliated, so he started working on his weight loss plan. He even hired a personal trainer and devised a proper diet plan as his first step. He eliminated carbohydrates from his diet and reduced overall food portions.

At first, Hugh Bonneville couldn’t make a significant change and his weight loss was barely noticeable, but that changed after the coronavirus pandemic. Hugh, like many others, had nothing but time during the lockdown amidst the pandemic. Some people were depressed about the whole covid situation, but Hugh saw it as an opportunity to better his lifestyle. When the pandemic ended and he returned to acting, his fans were stunned and impressed.

All of Hugh’s fans and viewers started to comment on how different the actor appeared and Twitter was soon flooded with rumors about his weight loss. The actor has yet to reveal how he achieved such a dramatic transformation, but he has shared some workout photos on social media. He has a lot of selfies and it appears that he does a lot of jogging. He has lost about 16 pounds, which is a remarkable transformation for a man in his fifties. He is believed to be in better shape than ever before. His overall appearance and personality have improved noticeably after the weight loss.

Hugh Bonneville has become a role model and source of motivation for some of his Twitter followers, who wrote that he has inspired them to work on themselves and improve their health. Some of his followers even praised his personal trainer for his excellent work. Hugh’s personal trainer was called “crazy”, but not in a negative sense, because he was successful in making Hugh stronger than he had ever been and helped Hugh in his weight loss journey.

The 58-year-old actor has changed his diet and added exercise to his daily routine in recent years, and it has paid off as he has lost a significant amount of weight and has a youthful glow.

Hugh Bonneville’s Personal Life: The 58-Year-Old Actor’s Parents And Wife!

1.87m tall English actor, Hugh Bonneville was born to a medical background family, his mother was a nurse and his father was a  urological surgeon, a doctor who specializes in treating the organs and tissues of the urinary tract in women, men, and children.

Hugh Bonneville is a regular father and husband in addition to his successful acting career; he is married to Lucinda “Lulu” Evans. The couple got married in 1998, and Felix, their teenage son, is their only child. While his on-screen life as the Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey may be a little different, the family of three lives in West Sussex and appears to live a normal life.

Hugh Bonneville and his wife Lucinda, who attended the world premiere of Downton Abbey in London’s Leicester Square, looked every inch the happy couple. The actor and his wife prefer to keep their personal lives private, but he did open up about his experiences as a father. He stated,

I think the absolute key one is don’t force your child to do the things you failed to do and wanted to do, like playing the piano or something. Another great piece of advice that someone once said to me when my little boy was arriving was, ‘Hug him close, and let him fly.’

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