Holly Valance has been the target of online bullying as a result of her weight gain. She looks much larger than before. The actress has stated that she has a proclivity to gain weight quickly, particularly when stressed or not exercising consistently. 

Holly Valance is a 40-year-old Australian actress, model, and singer. She is well known for her performance in Neighbours, Prison Break, DOA: Dead or Alive, Pledge This!, Taken, and Kambakht Ishq. She has recently been the target of online bullying for her weight gain.

The model has allegedly gained weight, and people are making fun of her appearance. How did she gain weight? Continue reading this article to find out more about her weight gain.

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Holly Valance’s Weight Gain: She Has a Proclivity to Add Weight Quickly, Particularly When Stressed or Not Exercising

Holly Valance has been the target of online bullying as a result of her recent weight gain. She has always been candid about her weight swings. Valance has stated that she has a proclivity to gain weight quickly, particularly when stressed or not exercising consistently.

The singer is not embarrassed about her weight gain. She admits that she is not perfect and will not pretend to be perfect. Holly feels happy with her physique, despite its flaws. It is likely that she began eating out with her billionaire husband and drinking more alcoholic beverages than usual which caused her to gain weight.

The Prison Break star was recently seen out in London with her husband Nick Candy. She resurrected her 2000s-era fringe for the occasion and donned a new look. Except for the fringe, her new look reminded people of how much she had changed since the 2000s so many people make fun of her appearance.

On that public appearance, Valance debuted a new, yet familiar look and wore a hairstyle that many recognized as a throwback to her days in pop music. During the outing, she appeared to be very happy and radiant, but everyone could think that she look fat. She appeared much larger than she was before.

Holly Valance before the weight gain. weightandskin.comHolly Valance before the weight gain.
Image Source: Celebs101

But no one should be surprised by her weight gain because no one can expect to look the same as they did two decades ago. The 40-year-old actress’s weight gain made headlines since the early 2010s, and she had been subjected to snide comments about her appearance by tabloids.

As women age, their bodies go through hormonal changes that can lead to weight gain. Factors like as menopause, pregnancy, and polycystic ovarian syndrome can all contribute to these alterations. Stress is the main reason behind Holly’s weight gain.

Holly Valance gains weight quickly when stressed or not exercising. weightandskin.comHolly Valance gains weight quickly when stressed or not exercising.
Image Source: Gotceleb

When we are stressed, our bodies release the hormone cortisol, which promotes fat storage. Weight gain is also caused by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Similarly, weight gain can be exacerbated by a diet high in processed foods, sugary drinks, and harmful fats. It’s likely that lack of exercise has played a significant role in Holly Valance’s weight gain.

Her weight gain could also be attributed to heredity. Some people are simply more predisposed to gaining weight than others. However, it is vital to remember that weight gain is a natural part of life that happens to everyone at some point.

Here Is What People Say About Holly Valance’s Weight Gain

People and media are attacking Holly Valance for her recent appearance and are criticizing her for putting on weight. Despite the fact that many people started aggressively criticizing her for failing to maintain herself, many people also spoke up in her favor and criticized the media for creating a story about her modest weight gain and embellishing it.

The actress has been upfront about how quickly she gains weight and how she prefers fine food, fine wine, and having a happy life over eating lettuce and being miserable, so other admirers suggested that people should be a little friendlier to her regarding her weight gain. In addition, the Kiss Kiss singer didn’t really gain that much weight. She was just captured in an ugly photo where she appeared larger.

People began crucifying her because of one shady angle that revealed her double chin. We don’t know if Holly heard about all of the critiques, but we do know that she stopped gaining weight in time for her wedding in late 2012. She hasn’t put on significant weight, though, and she’s back to enjoying upscale cuisine, fine wine, and a stress-free lifestyle. Valance also appears to be pleased with both her life and appearance.