Did Heidi Klum Have Plastic Surgery? Find Out the Real Truth!


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Real Truth on Heidi Klum's Plastic Surgery Speculations

Heidi Klum may have become renowned for being a popular model, but she’s also a mother and a woman who is a lot more complicated than you might suspect originally.

Over the duration of her career, Klum has continued to remain true to herself despite heavy industry pressure. Case in point? Her perception of plastic surgery. Or rather, the fact that she has no relationship with cosmetic operations at all.

Has Heidi Klum Had Plastic Surgery?

Heidi Klum actually doesn’t have any plastic surgery secrets in her wardrobe. America’s Got Talent judge hasn’t aged at all in the last decade — and amid speculation that she’s gone under the knife, it seems like Heidi, 44, is just genetically gifted.

While talking to Access Hollywood (via E! News) back in 2013, Klum opened up about whether or not she was looking for cosmetic surgery and admitted, “I’ve never done anything.” That backed up the claim she had made two years earlier in a 2011 CNN interview. When the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model was asked if she had ever had plastic surgery, she simply replied, “No.”

However, when it comes to the potential of something being done in the future, Klum also said to CNN, “I don’t want to say never. You know, I don’t know, who knows 20 years down the line.” That actually sounds like Klum hasn’t totally ruled out going under the knife.

As per Google, the mother-of-four is the focus of a lot of search queries during America’s Got Talent when it comes to her “plastic surgery,” and we’ve got the opinions of several specialists to check out her ageless appearance, so it looks like the aspiring Victoria’s Secret beauty is au naturel (mostly).

“Heidi may have had Botox but other than that I don’t think she’s had any work done on her face,” said. “She’s just naturally beautiful. I guess that’s why she’s a supermodel.” – , facial plastic surgeon, also agreed. “I don’t see much — she is aging gracefully.”

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Heidi is pretty vocal about her rumored cosmetic operations. “I’m proud to be able to say, in this day and age, I haven’t done anything. Everyone has a view of what’s not pretty and [plastic surgery] just doesn’t look pretty to me,” she told Allure in 2012. However, she doesn’t rule out doing the procedures in the future. “Ask me again when I’m 65,” she jokingly added.

Heidi Klum Admitted She’s Too Scared to Get Plastic Surgery

Heidi Klum revealed during an interview with Access Hollywood she has never gone under the knife or opted for any plastic surgery procedures.

“I’ve never done anything,” the 40-year-old said when asked if she’s ever had cosmetic operations or received any fillers or injections. “I’ve been too scared, to be honest with you.”

The Project Runway host clarified the rationale behind her anxiety.

“I’m scared that all of a sudden you’re changing too much, your face starts changing, I don’t know,” she said of going under the knife. “I would have a hard time looking in the mirror and seeing something that I’m not used to seeing. I’d be afraid!”

The German native also shared her very simple solution of concealing any pesky lines on her forehead.

“Botox or bangs,” the naturally beautiful supermodel said with a chuckle. “I go for bangs.”

Judging by this wonderful answer, it sounds like she’s not going to do any kind of surgery or procedures. Why would she anyway?! She’s really gorgeous just the way she is!

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