CNN Political Analyst Gloria Borger’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Have Facelift and Botox?


CNN Political Analyst Gloria Borger's Plastic Surgery - Did She Have Facelift and Botox

There are not many celebrities who would work on TV without a suggestion about doing plastic surgery to help their look. Celebrities, actors, musicians, television reporters, and other TV stars are mindful of their appearance. That is why some of them are more famous with plastic surgery than with their skills and accomplishments.

That is not the case for the American journalist Gloria Anne Borger, though commonly recognized as Gloria Borger. If you are searching for any details behind her youthful appearance, you are not going to find it. Did Gloria Borger get a facelift plastic surgery?

Gloria Borger’s Plastic Surgery Operations – Did She Have Facelift and Botox Treatment?

Gloria Borger before and after Facelift plastic surgery.

Gloria Borger before and after Facelift plastic surgery.
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The elegant beauty, Gloria Borger, shows no signs of aging on her face, not even sagging skin or facial lines. A surgical facelift is popular among several media personalities, and she is one of them as well. We gotta say she looks significantly younger than her real age.

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Gloria was gorgeous prior to the procedure too, but the process brought more glamor to her image. Her flawless elegance shows without wrinkles. Besides facelift, Borger reportedly went under the knife for Botox treatment as well.

CNN’s Gloria Borger Reckons Trump Can’t Talk About “Racial Justice” Because He is Focused on Law and Order

American journalist Anderson Cooper believes President Donald Trump sees no reason and definitely little tangible political benefit or moral gain to resolve in any meaningful way the structural and social disparities that occur in the nation. So, he wanted to get the perspective of CNN’s Chief Political Analyst, Gloria Borger.

Borger said, “I think there’s no interest in doing it on his part, and I also think there’s no ability to do it on his part. Just think about what happened today, Anderson. You have NASCAR banning Confederate flags.”

She continued, “If the President had an interest in racial healing, he might tweet, ‘This is a great idea. Thank you, NASCAR.’ He knows a lot of his voters are NASCAR fans. He says he is a big NASCAR fan. Why not applaud them? That’s really easy for doing the right thing. Why not applaud your Secretary of Defense and your Secretary of the Army for saying they would at least entertain a discussion of changing the names of those military bases. But instead, what did he do? He shut it down.”

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Gloria Borger added, the President does not even understand the rightful demonstrators, because most of them are the protestors out there asking for social reform. He won’t think about them, but all he needs to speak about is law and order.

The Political Analyst concluded, “And that gets in the way of the message which says to the protesters, I hear you, I understand you. I want to help fix this in that country, he just cannot give that speech.”

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