Claire Powell has lost nearly five stone over the years and, except for her trademark smile, bears no resemblance to the person she used to be. She shed pounds by eating smaller portions and working out regularly at the gym. Claire Powell was dissatisfied with her weight because her clothes were too small for her and she ate far too much.

Claire Powell has been a director of The CAN Group, a talent management, events, and public relations company for 30 years, and has worked with some of the UK’s most well-known celebrities, including Peter Andre and Mel B, as well as popular household brands and well-known entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Those who have known her since the beginning of her career have noticed her weight loss and are curious about it. How did she manage to lose weight? Let’s take a closer look at her transformation.

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Claire Powell’s Weight Loss: She Lost 5 Stones by Eating Smaller Portions and Working Hard at the Gym!

Claire Powell (@clairepowellcan) has lost nearly five stone and, aside from her trademark smile, bears no resemblance to the person she once was. She lost weight by eating smaller portions and working hard at the gym. Powell’s entire appearance has been transformed to complement her new curvy figure; tight vest tops, skinny jeans, and so on are staples in her wardrobe. In addition, Powell changed things up a little on her weight loss journey in 2019 and lost 5 pounds.

Claire Powell after having a 5 lbs weight loss in 2019.Claire Powell after having a 5 lbs weight loss in 2019.
Source: Instagram

She was unhappy with her weight because her clothes were too small and she was eating far too much. She was training, but not consistently, and she was giving her workouts far too much credit when it came to her diet. She’s taken many before photos over the years, but she’s never been satisfied with the results. She now feels much stronger, fitter, and healthier.

Claire Powell works out because she enjoys it and it allows her to unwind. She eats healthy with treats, but she does not binge or comfort eat. Furthermore, she uses the best supplements to train harder. On the other hand, she has received the most wonderful support from her lovely friends. In addition, she is now assisting others in feeling good about themselves and achieving their health and fitness goals.

Many other celebrities who have lost weight, have yet to make the transition from their fat selves to their newer thinner selves and continue to wear clothes that are dull, not to mention too big. If someone has worked hard to achieve their ideal body, they should surely embrace it rather than suppress it.

On the other hand, Amy Childs chose the interior for this room because she was so proud of Claire Powell’s five-stone weight loss. Amy posed in one of the treatment rooms at her salon in Essex, which featured a magazine spread about Claire on the wall. The silver-framed article explains how the CAN manager lost weight and includes a photo of her beaming down the lens.

Meet Claire Powell’s Friend Peter Andre

Peter Andre (@peterandre) is head over heels in love with Emily MacDonagh, his wife of seven years, but there is another very special lady in his life. On Instagram in 2020, the singer paid tribute to his steadfast friend and manager, Claire Powell. Claire has previously worked with many celebrities, including Katie Price while she was still married to Pete.

Claire Powell and her friend Peter Andre.Claire Powell and her friend Peter Andre.
Source: Instagram

Following the announcement that Katie and Pete were ending their three-year marriage, the pair stopped working together in May 2009. Pete has two children from his relationship with Katie: Junior and Princess. He, of course, found love with doctor Emily, whom he married in July 2015. The couple has two children: Amelia and Theo.