Eddie Hearn’s Weight Loss: Why Did He Cut Drinking Habits?


Eddie Hearn’s Weight Loss: Why Did He Cut Drinking Habits?

Eddie Hearn cuts off his daily drinking habit and undergoes a 10 kg weight loss. Fans are admiring the new look he has acquired from spending hours in the gym. Although he said that he had a hard time focusing on stretching, he wouldn’t stop doing exercise any sooner.

Not only women but men too struggle with their weight. Do you think men care more about their appearances as much as women do? Maybe they don’t, but both women and men do care about their health, and weight gain can cause some serious health conditions, including everything from high blood pressure and diabetes to stroke and cancer. Sometimes genetics play a role in body types and may dictate a naturally fat body type for some people.

Recently, when Eddie Hearn talked to Men’s Health about the battles he’s had with his weight, people were curious to know the whole story. Any guesses? What led him to be fit and healthy? Does he have any regrets about focusing on his weight?

After hearing the news pop up, many are wondering about Eddie’s weight loss journey and his recent diet. So in this article, we will be talking about his current life and how much weight he has shed. To know more, read this article.

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Eddie Hearn’s Weight Loss: He Cut Off Drinking to Change His Physical Appearance!

Eddie Hearn (@eddiehearn) has been inspiring his fans after cutting his drinking habit to lose weight. He admitted to losing 10 kg by focusing on nutrition and working with a new trainer. He also spoke of not stopping any time soon and trying hard to be more focused on his health.

Edward John Hearn, aka Eddie Hearn, is a British sports promoter and the chairman of Matchroom Sport and the Professional Darts Corporation. He is originally from London, England, and failed the sixth form at Brentwood School because he performed poorly on his GCSEs. Growing up, he claimed to be a hard nut and was very poor at studying. He started his sporting journey with the help of his father, Barry Hearn, who was the founder of Matchroom Sport.

Eddie Hearn's current appearance.Eddie Hearn’s current appearance.
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Eddie has faced many negative comments since high school due to his low grades. Later, he started getting criticized for his game and then for his weight from people. People are as good at gossiping as they are at having breakfast in the morning. Knowing his childhood days, he seems to have been a hard nut at that time, but as of now, he is a very healthy person who has a good relationship with his fighters.

When it comes to being fit for a sportsman, he always tries to be one step ahead of normal people, but what if it doesn’t work? Eddie Hearn mentioned the same condition during his interview with Men’s Health. He talked about how being fit can help delay or prevent chronic illnesses and diseases associated with aging. During the conversation, he also revealed that using weights and ditching alcohol has helped him shed his weight.

Eddie Hearn before and after weight loss.Eddie Hearn before and after weight loss.
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People are curious about Eddie Hearn’s motivation and daily activities after he revealed that he had lost some weight. It seems like the British sportsman hasn’t always been this fit and previously used to joke about his weight for being healthy. He expressed how hard it was to lose weight and stated:

I’ve always been battling with my weight, I always joke to my friends that I’m in a constant competition just to stay fat. I’m okay, but I’m on the verge of tipping over the edge, and then I bring it back. In the last six months, I’ve changed my training routine, and I’ve been more focused on what I’ve been eating.

Eddie Hearn first revealed his weight loss in 2022 during the weekend’s fight between Katie Taylor and Karen Elizabeth Carbajal, where he shed 10 kg of his weight. At that time, he pointed out that his main reason was to cut down on drinking. He admitted to being a drinker before he focused seriously on his weight and told about how he used to drink every night:

I remember going to Aiya Napa for two weeks as a twenty-year-old kid. I’d drink every night and wake up the next morning feeling like I hadn’t even been out, Now if I have three or four drinks, I feel like I’ve been out for a week, and it affects me for a week. If I have a heavy night, the next day is a write-off, the day after might be a write-off as well, and so is my diet; so is the gym.