Chuck Todd’s Weight Loss: How Did the NBC Host Lose Weight?


Chuck Todd’s Weight Loss: How Did the NBC Host Lose Weight?

Chuck Todd has undergone a significant weight loss of 30 pounds in 4 years by simply running, doing some light exercises, and eating a well-balanced diet.

Chuck Todd admitted to feeling relief after announcing on Sunday that he would leave NBC’s Meet the Press, the long-running Sunday news show he has hosted for nearly a decade.

During a phone interview with Jewish Insider on Thursday, the TV host said that he didn’t want to get to the point where he was too jaded or cynical, and he was getting close. He also expressed his sadness at losing his closest friends, including his two closest friends who have recently died, and his father. He also showed his interest in wanting to be a part of the solution and what’s wrong with media consumption and journalism in the 21st century but will be working differently from now on.

After the incident with Chuck’s friend’s death, many people are concerned about his health as well. In this article, we will be talking about his current lifestyle and the reasons behind his weight loss. Well, let’s get started.

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Fans Are Shocked by Chuck Todd’s Weight Loss of 30 Pounds!

Chuck Todd‘s (@chucktodd) weight loss journey has inspired many fans after he lost 30 pounds in four years by running in the morning. Besides running, he also performs light exercise and eats a balanced diet. Many people were concerned about his health when they saw his transformation, but it looks like he everything he did was for his health.

Todd has been in the spotlight since 1992 when he was seen working for the National Journal‘s The Hotline. Some of his past life news is still unknown, and he seems to be quite good at keeping it private. His fans were very worried in past years when he gained some weight. Many people thought that his weight loss journey would be very difficult, but he surprised them and came out to be a fit man in 2023.

When, in 2022, Chuck lost all of his weight, many people suspected him of having health issues. However, he hasn’t given any information regarding his bad health, but he has updated his fans with his workout routine and how his weight loss journey began.

How Did Chuck Todd Lose Weight?

Chuck Todd‘s weight loss has inspired many people, and while he admits to losing some pounds, he gives all the credit to running in the morning. The first thing he admits to doing after getting up at 4:30 was running for an hour, which also helped him reduce his stress. He also revealed on being in a strict, balanced, and consistent diet, and he exercises whenever he feels anxious or sleepless.

Chuck Todd credits his weight loss to his morning routine. weightandskin.comChuck Todd credits his weight loss to his morning routine.
Image Source: Distractify

In 2013, when Chuck was nearly 200 pounds, he felt unhealthy and decided to run in the morning for a week. Slowly, the weeks turned into months and the months into years, and the routine became his habits and a medium to feel mentally healthy. Not only did running help him with his weight loss but also help him rehearse his show. He also admitted to losing 30 pounds from running and stated;

I’d read about how intervals are a good way to drop weight, And it’s true: From 2013 to now, I’m 30 pounds lighter. Running means health, For me, it’s about living longer. I want to do a 10k. I know I’d do a 5k pretty well. Maybe I will call in sick and do a road race instead. Why not?

Why Is Chuck Todd Obsessed With Running?

Chuck Todd called himself obsessive about his running regimen. During an interview with Runner’s World, he stated that he would keep up his running routine no matter where in the world his job takes him. He also smiled and shared his experience of being lost in another city while running in the morning. He stated;

I remember getting lost in Stockholm once and sort of freaked out about it for a minute after I started running, But after that I came up with sort of a checklist to remind myself, ‘Don’t make too many turns. Try to stay straight.’ And that’s what you learn.

Chuck Todd lost almost 30 pounds in four years. weightandskin.comChuck Todd lost almost 30 pounds in four years.
Image Source: Instagram

Besides running, Todd avoided junk foods and beers and covered his food with fresh fruits and vegetables. He never does a heavy workout and usually tries to keep it simple. All things habitual helped him lose more than 30 pounds over four years, and he is guessed to be around 160–165 pounds.