Chris Evans’ 7 Tattoos and Their Meaning


Chris Evans 7 tattoos and their meaning

Here’s what you should know about Chris Evans’ tattoos and their meanings.

Chris Evans (born Christopher Robert Evans)  is an American actor who made his acting debut from a wildlife education movie, and his first-ever television show, ‘Opposite Sex,’ in 2000. We don’t think we need to stress on his acting career as we all know how great of an actor he is.

But we are here to talk about something interesting, let’s find out about Chris Evans‘ tattoos and also know the meaning behind all the tattoos. The Captain America star, no doubt, is one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood.

The Marvel’s Avenger Saga hero Chris has a passion for tattoos, which is apparent from his just by looking at his pictures. His tattoos have personal meaning, Chris once said, “Anyone who has had a tattoo knows once you get your first one, as you are walking out of the door, you are planning the next.”

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Well, very wise words, indeed. Certainly, his tattoos has a lot of stories to tell; let’s find the meaning behind all of Chris Evans’ tattoos.

Kanji On Chris Evans Right Arm

Chris Evans tattoos, Kanji, letter A.Photo Source: BAG

Chris has a Kanji symbol that resembles the letter ‘A’ on his right arms. According to the tattoo experts, This symbol symbolizes family, and also tribute to family to show love and affection towards them. What a great tattoo, indeed.

The message “In Loving Memory of Bardsley With Me Always” On Chris Evans’ Right Rib

Chris Evans tattoos, in loving memories of bardsley with me always.Photo Source: BAG

Evans has a tattoo of the message, “in loving memories of Bardsley with me always,” dedicated to his friend Matt Bardsley, who died in an accident in November 2003. A very touching and meaningful tattoo, indeed.

Word ‘Loyalty’ on Chris’ Right Upper Arm

Chris Evans tattoo, loyalty.

Chris Evans’ “Loyalty” tattoo in the cursive bold handwritten text on his right arm signifies that loyalty is the primary trait for a man that he can give his family. Again, it is believed this one is for his family and loved ones.

Buddhist Quote on Chris’ Left Chest

Chris Evans tattoos, Buddhist text.Photo Source: BAG

The Captain America actor has a Buddhist scripture inked to his left chest. According to some reports, the actor he practiced Buddhism during his initial days of fame. The reports further suggest practicing Buddhism really helped him ground himself following massive popularity.

Taurus Sign on Left Upper Arm

Chris Evans tattoo, taurusPhoto Source: BAG

While we might assume it’s his sun sign, it’s actually his mother’s. According to the reports, Evans tattooed Taurus zodiac sign on his left upper arm, dedicated to his mother. He sure is a momma’s boy!

Letter SCS on Chris’ Ankle

Chris Evans tattoo, SCS.Photo Source: BAG

SCS tattoo on Captain America actor’s ankle signifies the first letters of his siblings, Carly Evans, Shana Evans, and Scott Evans. Well, by now we can tell for sure, he really is a family man. His whole body has tattoos, mostly for his family members.

And Finally, A Tattoo Dedicated to His Most Loved Movie Saga, Avengers Logo

Chris Evans tattoo, avengers logo.Photo Source: BAG

Chris has inked a logo of ‘Avengers’ in sort of geometrical shape, while he is not the only one to get this tattoo. His other castmates, including Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and others have got the same tattoos. This was to the success of the biggest venture of all time in the history of American cinema.

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