Details on Austin Swift’s Recent Weight Gain!


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Details on Austin Swift’s Recent Weight Gain!

Austin Swift’s weight gain has recently been the topic of curiosity on the internet. However, the actual reason behind his transformation has not been disclosed yet.

Austin Kingsley Swift is an American actor and the younger brother of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, who has starred in several films such as Live by Night and I.T. Likely, he has also starred in or produced several of her music videos, and he oversees certain aspects of her music licensing for films.

Austin Swift has always been successful in advancing his career to new heights, and he is still a household name today. However, his struggle with weight gain has recently caused a heated debate among his fans, and people are concerned about his sudden Transformation. Well, here is everything, we know.

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Austin Swift’s Recent Weight Gain Has Concerned Many of His Followers!

Without a doubt, Austin Swift (@austinkingsleyswift) has gradually been gaining weight. He appears to be much overweight these days as seen by his latest appearance. However, the Live by Night star has yet not stated how much weight he has gained or the reason behind it.

Austin Swift before and after weight gain. weightandskin.comAustin Swift before and after weight gain.
Image Source: WEIGHT&Skin

As we know, Austin does not enjoy making public appearances, as he likes to keep his life private. However, he was recently photographed with his sister, Taylor Swift (@taylorswift), and his rumored girlfriend, Sydney Ness, at the Kansas City Chiefs game versus the New York Jets.  When the photographs were made public, everyone was shocked to see his transformation.

Since then, Taylor Swift’s 31-year-old younger brother has been a hot issue among many admirers. But, before commenting anything thing about his current weight gain, we should understand what might have led him into such a condition. Many people may have thought he had been diagnosed with some mental health issues.

When the pressures of life become too high, our bodies shift into survival mode. The stress hormone, cortisol, is released, causing an increase in hunger. In times of stress, we may sometimes reach for high-calorie comfort foods. This combination creates an ideal environment for weight gain.

But to let you know, most of the time, getting fat is not a decision; people acquire weight and, for internal or external reasons, are unable to remove the fat. When people gain weight, they lose confidence and get drawn within. Hatred and teasing from others can result in people receding even further inward. People must take some responsibility for weighing their comments before putting everything out there for everybody to see.

However, although Austin Swift has yet to disclose anything regarding his personal matters, the nicest part about him is that he is unconcerned about his weight gain, and his self-love has likely overtaken every anger that people have thrown at him. Furthermore, anyone who is struggling to love their body or is insecure about their weight gain should look to him for inspiration and should surely showcase their physique.

Taylor and Austin Swift Are Extremely Supportive of One Another!

As siblings, Taylor and Austin Swift have often demonstrated that they have each other’s backs. He’s been there for her during her travels, and she’s publicly praised his efforts several times. She even skipped the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2014 to see Austin in a play at the University of Notre Dame.

Austin Swift is the younger brother of the singer Taylor Swift. weightandskin.comAustin Swift is the younger brother of the singer Taylor Swift. 
Image Source: The Today Show

In 2020, the Anti-Hero singer posted a romantic film photo of herself and Austin (taken by close friend Gigi Hadid) on Instagram to commemorate National Siblings Day and the release of his film, We Summon The Darkness. Along with the shot, she called her brother one of my best pals, and said she was really proud of him for his work on the film.

Throughout the years, Austin has posted a number of heartfelt tributes to his big sister on social media. When Austin initially broke her political quiet in 2018, she quickly uploaded her message (in which she backed Democratic candidates in the midterm elections). He wrote in the caption,

When you thought you couldn’t respect your best friend any more than you already do. And then you do.

A few months later, in honor of Taylor’s 29th birthday, he uploaded a lovely flashback photo of the pair as children and a sweet comment about their lifetime connection. He wrote,

I have always had a best friend, a role model, and a caring, tireless, dedicated champion in my corner. You have pulled me out of fires and carried me up mountains. The gift of getting to witness you become the wonderful person you are today has been the greatest privilege and honor of my life.