Alicia Silverstone has always faced criticism for her weight gain. She has gained a considerable amount of weight over the years. The actress hasn’t revealed the reason behind her weight gain. Yet, there are many factors that might have contributed to her weight gain including genetics, diet, lifestyle, medical condition, or medications.

Alicia Silverstone, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and beloved actresses of all time, has recently been the subject of much debate for various reasons, most notably her weight gain. Fans are eager to learn more about how she gained so much weight. Continue reading to learn more about Alicia Silverstone’s weight gain.

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Alicia Silverstone Has Not Stated the Cause of Her Weight Gain, Although It Is Probable That It Is Due to Less Exercise

Alicia Silverstone (@aliciasilverstone) has always faced criticism for her weight gain. She has gained over the years. Silverstone hasn’t revealed the reason behind her weight gain. However, a variety of causes might lead to weight gain. Some people are simply more susceptible to acquiring weight genetically than others.

Alicia Silverstone's weight gain might be due to less exercise.
Alicia Silverstone’s weight gain might be due to less exercise.
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Moreover, eating a high-calorie, processed-food diet might result in weight gain. As we know, Silverstone is a vegan. She has been vegan since 1998 & has been an outspoken supporter of the vegan lifestyle ever since. Moreover, she is the author of two vegan books, The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama, and the founder of TheKindLife, a vegan lifestyle website.

Weight gain is more prevalent in people who don’t include any exercise in their lifestyle. It is likely that less exercise is the reason behind Alicia Silverstone’s weight gain. Additionally, several medicines might promote weight gain as a side effect. She might be taking some medications. However, there are no reports or evidence to suggest that she is afflicted with any form of illness.

Silverstone has been body-shamed throughout her career, most notably in the late 1990s following her appearance in the film Batman & Robin. She was dubbed “Fatgirl” by the media and the public, and she claims it harmed her mental health. She was approximately 130 pounds while filming Batman & Robin.

Alicia Silverstone's weight gain might be due to less exercise.

Alicia Silverstone before the weight gain.
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People would constantly make fun of her body weight, even when she was a child, and it affected her even though she knew in her heart that they were wrong. Alicia was never perplexed; she just understood that mocking someone’s shape or size was not the correct thing to do.

Silverstone stated in a 2020 interview that the body shaming she endured caused her to stop liking acting for a long time. She also said that she began to believe she wasn’t good enough. On several occasions, she has spoken out against body shaming. She responded to body-shamers who uploaded an overweight photo of her on TikTok in 2022.

Alicia gave the camera the middle finger and said that she looks good in any weight. On the other hand, Silverstone is a role model for many individuals, and her message of self-acceptance and love is vital. She serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of size, is lovely.

Detail on Alicia Silverstone’s Current Relationship and Married Life

Alicia Silverstone is not publicly dating anyone in 2023. So we assume her current relationship status is single. She seems happy with her single life. Silverstone has said in an interview that she has been trying to date again, but it has not been easy. She claimed to have been taken off two dating apps, once for using a fictitious identity and another for using her real name.

The American actress has also stated that she is not in a rush to pursue a new relationship. She is preoccupied with her son, Bear Blu Jarecki, as well as her job. Alicia was married to American singer Christoper Jarecki. The former couple first met in 1997 outside of a movie theatre and started dating. After being in a relationship for several years, they got engaged in early 2004.

The singer proposed to the actress using his grandmother’s ring. They chose to go down the aisle one and a half months later. On June 11, 2005, they exchanged their vows in front of close friends and family members at Lake Tahoe’s beachside ceremony. The couple welcomed their first child Bear Blu Jarecki on May 5, 2011, almost six years after their marriage.

Silverstone and Jarecki liked the time they spent with each other as time passed, and it was a happy family. However, no one realized that even the happy-looking pair had issues in their relationship. They split up in February 2018. Silverstone filed for divorce from Jarecki three months later, in May 2018, alleging irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was finalized in November 2018.

In addition, the actress agreed to pay her ex-husband $12,000 each month in spousal support until January 31, 2024, as part of their divorce settlement. However, she will cease paying the money if he decides to live with a partner for at least five months in 12 months. They share a joint legal and physical custody of their son.