Amber Riley’s Weight Loss in 2022: Surgery & Dress Size; What Led the Body Positive Actress to Lose Her Weight?

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Amber Riley’s Weight Loss in 2022: Surgery & Dress Size; What Led the Body Positive Actress to Lose Her Weight?

Amber Riley’s weight loss appearance has been a hot topic of discussion for some time now. While some make speculations about weight loss surgery, others want to know the star’s secret. 36, and still fabulous, fans were shocked to know that the star dropped two dress sizes. Also calling off her wedding with DeSean Black after being engaged for 2 years, and her exclusive Instagram rant, Amber’s weight loss in 2022 is a hot topic of the talk.

Best known for her portrayal of Mercedes Jones on the Fox comedy-drama series Glee, Amber Riley established herself as an exceptional actress, author, singer as well as activist. Making her groundbreaking appearance as the lead role of Effie White in the West End debut of Dreamgirls, and also winning season 17 of Dancing with the Stars in 2013, Amber Riley’s mark on Hollywood is remarkable.

Much loved and appreciated for her role in Glee, also including her roles on various platforms, Amber Riley is mostly on the radar of the people. She won a Screen Actors Guild Award and was nominated for three Teen Choice Awards, three NAACP Image Awards, and a Grammy Award. Including these, Amber also won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical and the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Musical Performance in 2017 for her work.

While there’s quite a lot to be discovered and uncovered about Amber Riley, her weight loss has been one of the hot topics of discussion. Coming into 2022, Amber looks flawless and the people want to know how and how much weight Amber Riley lost. So, here’s all you need to know about Amber Riley’s weight loss.

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2022: Amber Riley’s Weight Loss; Body Positive Actress Lost Weight Due to Her Health Issues; Surgery & Dress Sizes!

Mercedes, the brash and self-assured character played by Amber Riley (@msamberpriley), currently 36, on Glee, isn’t all that far from Amber. Funny, bubbly, and rachet in a way, fans loved Mercedes and Amber as well. Her weight loss for quite some time has been a topic of discussion.

Amber didn’t view her larger frame as a disadvantage on and off-camera. Every now and then the actress preached about how she was comfortable in her skin; which she actually was. Her motivation toward losing weight has shocked some while motivated others.

Over the past ten years, Amber has made excellent strides in her weight loss. The actress, who played one of the comedy-drama series Glee’s most adored characters, has been open about changing her physique and is sharing more about her weight loss journey with her fans.

Looking at her pictures then and now, Amber surely has come a long way in her transformation. As of 2022, the star looks stunning and is still creating an impact with her positive attitude and mindfulness.

Amber decided to go to a healthier diet back in 2011. The actress lost an astounding amount of weight and looked completely different just a few months into her new resolution. According to Daily Mail, Amber told People seven months after starting her weight-loss journey:

“I’ve dropped two dress sizes!”

The actress disclosed that she saw her doctor one day with persistent stomach aches when discussing how she made the decision to drop weight. Amber revealed how she is pleased with her weight loss accomplishment after just seven months of improved eating and frequent exercise. She stopped eating fast food because, in her words, the burgers “were hurting my stomach.”

The actress also discussed how her weight loss required her to update her Glee wardrobe. She added that red carpet clothing had been simpler after losing weight.

Amber once explained why she chose to utilize the stairs as opposed to an elevator, as quoted by Intouch Weekly,

“So I opted to take the stairs as a little pre-workout stepping out of the station instead of the elevator. LOL, rookie error. My legs were FIRED UP! But the burn felt good.”

While many believe that Amber Riley underwent weight loss surgery, she didn’t say anything about that. The star has constantly been stating about her diet and exercises and giving her honesty and confidence, the weight loss surgery is probably just theories and rumors.

Despite publicly discussing the advantages of losing weight, Amber emphasized that she has always felt confident in her appearance. The star said,

“I’ve always been comfortable with my size. I just decided it was time to get healthy,”

The star revealed she erred in that very early in life. Even at the age of 34, she’s still learning things about her body and myself, so it’s important for one to be fair to themselves. She also shared how she thinks nobody owes anyone a particular body type and regardless of how large or tiny the debt may be, one owes no one anything.

A figure of body positivity and confidence, Amber Riley remarked,

“Just be kind to yourself, You do what’s right for you. And you take your time because there is nobody that is so confident,”

Coming into 2022, Amber Riley has lost a significant amount of weight. Recently the actress called off her wedding after she reportedly ended her relationship with DeSean Black after being engaged for 2 years. Many believe that she is trying to lose more weight to get back to her ex.

On June 15, she called out all “fatphobic” people who had entered her DMs on Instagram. Following dental surgery, the Glee star took to Instagram and launched into a rant against body shamers while under the influence of painkillers. She said,

“Why does me being fat offend so many people? Is it because I’m confident, and I’m fly, and I’m sexy? Do my thighs, offend? Does my stomach, offend? Does my big juicy ass, offend? Why? Why!?”

Confident and motivational, Amber Riley’s weight loss and her confidence in whatever body she is in have inspired many who look up to the star.

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