Twomad’s 37-Pound Weight Loss: Here’s How He Went From 176 lbs to 139 lbs!


Twomad's 37-Pound Weight Loss: Here's How He Went From 176 lbs to 139 lbs!

While Twomad is popular on his Youtube channel, recently, his weight loss of 37 pounds has given him more fame than ever. Twomad is a popular Youtuber, gamer, and streamer who makes money by playing Fortnite and Overwatch. Let’s find out how Twomad lost weight in 2022.

Muudea Sedik who is popularly known as Twomad is a Canadian Youtube, gamer, and streamer. Playing popular games such as Fortnite and Overwatch, the streamer makes money by live-streaming how he plays those games, and tackles the obstacles.

He has named his Youtube channel Twomad where he regularly posts his content related to Fortnite and had an alternative account Twomad 360 which is entirely focused on posting the steaming videos linked to Overwatch.

Twomad’s career is totally inclined towards Youtube, and once, there was a time when Twomad automatically vanished from all of his Youtube Channel. After his sudden vanish, his Youtube channel was no longer getting the views it used to be getting.

Then, a turning point came in his life when his video, My life’s biggest bruh moments blew up. As of now, a scandal has been covering up Twomad regarding his weight loss. Let’s get an insight into Twomad’s weight loss journey.

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Twomad’s Weight Loss Journey: Here’s How He Lost 37 Pounds in 2022!

Can we imagine ourselves sitting in the same place for hours? No. But today, there have been different game designs and creations which have developed an obsession towards humans to sit on a place and grind on it.

Overwatch and Fortnite are two of those eminent games which have attracted everyone. Not only are these gamers spending their time playing those games but are also giving time to watch others play.

Twomad is an eminent streamer and Youtuber who posts videos on games and has earned millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also active on Twitch and is a Twitch streamer as well. Aged 21, Twomad was born on 17th December 2000, and he joined the Youtube platform in 2017. While it’s been only a few years since he joined Youtube, Twomad has made his name through it.

Recently, Twomad has received more fame than ever, and guess what? It was not because of his videos but something else. To be specific, Twomad’s massive weight loss in a short duration brought him surrounding himself with controversy and people are excited to know how many pounds did he shed and what was the schedule behind his weight loss?

Initially, Twomad weighed 80 kg (176 lbs) and was bullied for his physical appearance. From his family to friends, he was bullied thought his entire life which led him to develop insecurities about his weight. The insecurity slowly changed to be a motivation, and eventually, Twomad worked his butt off and adhered to following a strict diet and meal plans along with tough workout routines.

As a result of hard work, determination, and dedication, fortunately, the popular streamer successfully took down around 17 kg (37 lbs). As of now, Twomad weighs 63 kg (139 lbs) and is happy with his weight loss journey.

While Twomad (@twomad360) was strong enough to not hear people’s voices and took every stern initiative in following a routine for his weight loss, people should understand that every size is beautiful, and just because you are a bit heavy doesn’t mean you are lesser than anyone.

No one should take heavyweight as their insecurity and should flaunt their own skin type. Moreover, people should understand that their futile comments on one’s body could hurt someone too deeply and give them mental traumas, and develop several body insecurities.

What is Twomad Doing Now?

The gaming streamer Twomad has not only set his space on the popular social media account, Youtube but he has also been gaining huge fame from Twitch as well.

In total, he has exactly three social media accounts, and all of these accounts play a significant role in bringing a hefty amount of money to Twomad. As per some sources, it has been estimated that Twomad’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

Today, Twomad is busy posting videos on his accounts and gaining millions of views. He seems to be a money-oriented person and is solely dedicating his time to his Youtube channel. However, Youtube not only gave him money but immense fame as well.

Talking about his relationship status, it is likely that Twomad is probably single, and even if we stalk his Instagram account, there’s no suspicious post that could tell us about his dating life. Subsequently, he could be dating in private so it isn’t safe to draw any conclusions about Twomad’s relationship.

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