Is AKMU Suhyun’s Weight Gain Due to Bulimia?


Is Akmu Suhyun's Weight Gain Due to Bulimia?

AKMU Suhyun has sparked a heated debate online following her weight gain. People think she looks even cutter, radiant, and healthier than ever before, despite her weight gain. While other people say she’s gotten so fast and she should lose weight. However, the singer has revealed that bulimia is the reason behind her weight gain. She is not trying to lose weight and believes she is attractive at any size.

AKMU Suhyun has been a commercial success, topping the charts in South Korea. She is noted for her strong vocals and ability to sing in a range of genres. She has emerged with a new song Love Lee with her brother, Lee Chanhyuk after nearly two years and is gaining a lot of attention online for more than just their music.

During the singer’s comeback, many people have remarked on her physique. She has gained a lot of weight and her chubbier look and unusual grin have drawn everyone’s attention. Given that she acquired weight during her break, many are intrigued as to how she gained so much weight. Continue reading to learn more about AKMU Suhyun’s weight gain.

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Akmu Suhyun Looks Even Cutter, Radiant, and Healthier Than Ever Before, Despite Her Weight Gain Due to Bulimia

Akmu Suhyun (@akmu_suhyun) has sparked a heated debate online following her weight gain, prompting some unfavorable remarks from netizens. However, many admirers have rallied to her defense, stating that the young musician is still attractive and healthier and that her weight should not be a topic of discussion. Netizens in online groups have also been sharing their views on Suhyun’s weight gain.

Concerns have also been raised about whether this sudden weight gain is related to a health problem. The reactions have been mixed with some expressing astonishment and others extending their best wishes for her health and happiness. Despite the South Korean singer’s significant weight, some people think she looks cutter, radiant, and healthier than ever before.

AKMU Sahyun before the weight gain.
AKMU Suhyun before the weight gain.
Image Source: Instagram

While other people claim she’s gotten so fast and isn’t pretty anyone. Some say she should lose weight. The singer, 24, has openly talked about her weight gain. She has revealed that bulimia is the reason behind her weight gain. The stress pressure has led her to adopt a coping mechanism of eating. Suhyun has also stated that she gained weight after moving out and becoming independent because she was able to eat whatever she wanted.

Changes in lifestyle including diet, exercise, or sleep patterns can all lead to weight gain. Suhyun has previously said on her personal YouTube channel that she suffers from binge eating issues. Even when she isn’t hungry, she will binge eat and drink under stress, and she only realizes she has an eating disorder when she can no longer eat to her heart’s delight.

The Nineteen to Twenty star has said that she is not concerned about her weight gain and believes she is attractive at any size. She has explained that she doesn’t want to lose weight and is just focusing on being happy and healthy. She doesn’t want to lose weight because her followers always tell her she’s adorable and wonderful even after gaining weight. Suhyun’s approach to her weight gain is refreshing and upbeat.

She is not ashamed of her body and is not attempting to meet unrealistic beauty standards. She is simply content and at ease with herself. She feels very glad of himself. Suhyun personally addressed the growing concerns about her health after fans noticed her significant weight gain. During the broadcast, she cutely dispelled these fears and assured fans of her good health.

Akmu Suhyun’s Serious Post About Her Current Situation

Netizens are reacting to AKMU member Lee Suhyun’s latest social media post, particularly her brother Lee Chanhyuk’s remark. She revealed on Instagram on 31 what she has been feeling as a result of her recent efforts for AKMU’s new song Love Lee. She added that the previous three years had been difficult and that she did not want the world to see her in that situation, but she had discovered hope to live again.

AKMU Sahyun's latest appearance.
AKMU Suhyun’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Instagram

Suhyun was motivated by what someone stated the reason why they adore AKMU. The reason helped her realize that she wants to be her actual self, even if it isn’t flawless. The singer went on to thank everyone who helped her, from her family to the broadcasting station personnel to her fans. She notably complimented her brother for making an effort for her that he had never made before.