Tiny Harris Before Plastic Surgery Looked So Much Different


Tiny Harris Before Plastic Surgery Looked So Much Different

Tiny Harris has no regrets about losing her before plastic surgery look. She has admitted to going through surgeries like a butt lift, breast augmentation, and Bright Ocular. Although many of her fans have accused Tiny Harris of looking fake and artificial, she has admitted to loving her current look and enjoying her life, with no plans to live in the self-esteem department.

How do you deal with negative comments? Especially when the negative comment is for your closest person? Is giving them a comeback a good idea? Recently, Tiny Harris‘s daughter, Zonnique, fired back at haters over her mother’s appearance. After she slammed the comments, many praised her for her stand, and some wondered what the comment said.

Fading the glow with aging is normal, and almost every woman and man face the problem. When a random person posted Tiny’s teenage picture by saying how she got so ugly now because she was pretty back in the young days, Tiny slammed the comment and replied how the post has been affecting her and nobody can comment in that way for other appearances.

After the tweet started flooding all over the internet, people now wanted to know if the singer had undergone any plastic surgery treatment that was not favoring her or if it is an aging problem. To learn more about Tiny Harris before surgery, read this article.

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Tiny Harris Before Plastic Surgery: She Had Breast Augmentation After Having Three Children!

Tiny Harris admitted that her husband loved how she looked before and after having plastic surgery. She has always been an open person to the media and has admitted to going through plastic surgery procedures like Butlift, breast augmentation, and Bright Ocular.

Tameka Dianne Cottle Harris, aka Tiny Harris, is an American singer-songwriter. She was supported by her father, and walking in his audience, she started enjoying singing at a very young age. She began her career by joining the R&B quartet Xscape at the age of 17 while attending Tri-Cities Performing Arts High School. She has always been in the spotlight since her birth, and people have seen her growth through their eyes.

Do you think Tiny has changed a lot? Do you recognize her before and after looks? Is she the same person? Many of her fans claimed that she might have been taking drugs and is a spoiled kid. She has changed, but what’s the reason behind her look? Why does she look so artificial?

Tiny Harris before and after plastic surgery.Tiny Harris before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

Tiny Harris has changed, from having piercings to having tattoos. The style and color of her hair change every few months, making her sometimes unrecognizable. Not only that but since 2010, she is believed to have undergone some changes in her physical appearance. It seems like she has either had a buttock lift or buttock implants, which have improved the volume, shape, and contour of her buttocks.

People started questioning Harris’s look more and more often, and in 2014, at the Wendy Williams show, she admitted to going under the knife. She spoke of having an artificial butt and breast with a pause in the confirmation sentence. She said that she had breast augmentation after having three children.

Some of them also commented on whether Tiny Harris has made any changes to her nose, as it looks unnatural and different than before. But on The Wendy Williams Show, she denied the rumors and said that a nose job would be a bad idea because her nose reminds her of her father, who passed away in July 2013. Though she thought of having one, she didn’t go through the plastic surgery procedure because she wanted something to remind her of her dad.

Tiny Harris before and after Bright Ocular.Tiny Harris before and after Bright Ocular.
Image Source: Twitter

Did you notice Tiny Harris’ eye color? Many of you guys might have noticed how her eye color has suddenly changed. Some also commented on how she can wear colored lenses every time. Well, it’s not the case because she has had a procedure called Bright Ocular, which cost $10k.

Tiny later admitted how her lenses were affecting her vision, which made her have surgery to avoid wearing the lenses. Do you like the new color of her eyes? She received a lot of criticism after the changes were made, and she still does. However, the singer doesn’t seem to bother with that and is enjoying her life as she once stated;

You have to do what makes you happy. As long as you’re being healthy and safe, just do what makes you feel good. People are saying I must have low self-esteem but if you really know me, I have no plan in the self-esteem department!