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Swoosie Kurtz Plastic Surgery Speculations

Swoosie Kurtz has been in the entertainment industry for over half a century and still going strong. Her first acting credit is recorded to be in 1956. There have been ups downs, but she’s got so much experience to be continuing the journey as she’s got more projects lined up.

However, when she’s played a mother, in different recent series, to an already aged individual, it still makes it hard to believe she’s already 75. Aging is a natural process for anyone, of course, but the signs in this talented lady came up to be too slow for people to question if she’s done something with her face. A little plastic surgery change, perhaps?

Swoosie Kurtz’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Still Remain Just Speculations

Signs of her getting a little aged came around as she reached that magic half-century number, 50. She continued starring in many comedy series, but the signs that she was getting older were pretty limited, to say the least. It was like she froze in time and remained 50 forever. So, this led fans and others alike to investigate why she looked so timeless, but all there could be were mere speculations. Still, when experts say it, there is a possibility of a hint of truth.

Swoosie Kurtz's before and after comparison for her plastic surgery rumors.

People compare this picture much more when speculating if she’s ever gone under the knife.
Image Source: Pinterest

Facelift is the first thing that comes in people’s mind amidst the speculations. Some think she tightened certain muscles of her face to remove the wrinkles on her face. People have also noticed her jawbone area/chin seems to have changed it’s shape, tapering a bit in recent years.

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Another under-the-knife procedure some people think that she had is a boobjob. They think she had her breasts lifted to look a little more youthful. But there’s no conclusive proof, and Surtz has herself said nothing about any of her plastic surgery speculations. It’s still up for debate.

A long time after the above speculations, some onlookers have commented that she also had a subtle nose job before going through any of her aforementioned cosmetic procedures.

Does Kurtz Have a Genetic Advantage to Further Go Going Strong?

In the last decade, she has been involved in many projects, more so than many actors would’ve stayed for. She finished her work with Mike and Molly in 2016 (in which she didn’t miss a single episode, BTW) and was part of a similar kind of one-season show, The Dangerous Book for Boys in 2018. She was an integral part of Matt LeBlanc‘s Man with a Plan in-between in 2017. The fourth season is ongoing.Swoosie Kurtz, Liza Snyder and Matt LeBlanc in 'Man with a Plan'.

Kurtz is as energetic as ever.
Image Source: Man with a Plan, CBS

So it seems Kurtz is determined to continue her career despite reaching an age people would choose to retire, and there are no signs of stopping her anytime soon. Although, it might be possible because acting in comedy shows comes easily for her. But maintaining such a strength to go on for a woman her age may suggest age is not too relevant to Kurtz as it is to someone else.

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So, when it comes down to why it appears as though she’s undergone plastic surgery to preserve her age, it may just also be in the genes suppressing her from the aging process since her fifties/sixties. But if she doesn’t come out and tell us the truth, we’ll never know. However, it is also unlikely she’ll say a word about it because people are just speculating it rather than pushing her too much to talk about it.

Swoosie Kurtz Decided a Long Time Ago Not to Get Married at All

Variety reported in February 2020 that Swoosie Kurtz joined the cast of Call Me Kat, starring The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik. The series is based on BBC original’s Miranda from Miranda Hart. It received a series commitment at Fox in September 2019. It follows Bialik’s character Carla, a 39-year-old woman struggling every day against the society and her mom in order to prove not everything goes the way you want but you can still be happy. She thus spends the money her parents set aside for her wedding with big reforming dreams by opening a Cat Café in Louisville, Kentucky.

But that’s beside the point here. Kurtz revealed in an interview that before writing her memoir, Part Swan, Part Goose, that she didn’t want to be doing a celebrity gossip book. Despite having serious boyfriends in the past, marriage was never a priority for her. She even knew for a long time that she didn’t want any children.

She also adds that, if she were to come out of the closet, it would’ve helped her sell more books, but then it wouldn’t be true at all. “Why is it that people are so uncomfortable with the thought of a woman who is, by choice or not, alone?” she writes in the book. “It seems to waffle between suspicion and sympathy. Is she the witch or the widow? Or just waiting for Mr. Right…a solitary woman must be Miss Havisham.”

Being unmarried her all life may have had some effects on slowing her aging process, as there wouldn’t be too much pressure on the romantic side of things. But it can’t be all the reason she looks like she’s had some plastic surgery changes. When she does come out to talk about it, she will. For now, admire her for her charm.

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