Sarah Greene has been accused of receiving multiple plastic surgery procedures like Botox, facelifts, and fillers to maintain her younger appearance. Compared to her before and after images, the 65-year-old star appears to be very different and unnatural now. However, Sarah has chosen to remain silent on the rumors. 

Elizabeth Sarah Greene, an English television presenter, and actress co-hosted Blue Peter from May 1980 to June 1983. And after leaving Blue Peter, Greene co-presented Saturday Superstore with Mike Read and then co-presented Going Live!

Sarah Greene has also won the Best Female on TV SOS Award three years in a row while on Going Live! and presided over the phone-in. She then began to appear in Nescafé coffee commercials on television. She later hosted Channel 4‘s daytime antiques show Collectors’ Lot.

Meanwhile, Sarah Greene now looks nothing like she did when she was on the BBC‘s morning show. Many people even claim that the television presenter has undergone plastic surgery to prevent aging and to look younger. So, if you are fascinated by her new appearance and curious to learn more about her transformation, here is everything you need to know.

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Sarah Greene’s Plastic Surgery: The 65-Year-Old TV Presenter Is Suspected of Receiving Botox, Facelifts, and Fillers to Prevent Aging!

Celebrities commonly receive plastic surgery performed to remove, tighten, and lift specific body parts in order to enhance their appearance. Similarly, reports suggest that Sarah Greene has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures such as Botox, facelift, and fillers to look younger than her actual age. However, the 65-year-old tv presenter has never acknowledged or denied having any kind of cosmetic surgery till now.

Looking at Sarah Greene’s before and after photos, it is clear that her appearance has changed over time, implying plastic surgery. Her cheeks are enormous and unnatural, her top lip is almost certainly the result of collagen infusions, and her eyes have been altered. According to some, she always wanted to keep her youthful appearance.

Sarah Greene before and after plastic surgery.

Sarah Greene before and after plastic surgery.
Source: WEIGHT&Skin

Comparing her photos from her 30s and 60s makes no sense at all, but we did it anyhow to ensure an unbiased assessment. Given that people are talking about her plastic surgery, we can conclude from a few comparative images that the star of the legendary show, The Blue Peter, probably chose plastic surgery or cosmetic modifications in the past.

Sarah Greene’s stunning face could have been the result of some treatments. She is stunning in her mid-60s. Furthermore, there are few signs of her aging, implying that she may have chosen Botox for her cheeks and the area around her eyes. Not even the wrinkles, which is already unexpected. Furthermore, a close examination of the two images reveals that her entire jawline and chin appear to be different. She may have also improved her chin and jawline, despite the possibility that this was due to aging.

Similarly, many people think her fall rehabilitation and facelift are fantastic. Even though her cheeks are noticeably increased and out of balance, her eyes are excellent in volume restoration against skin removal.

Despite everything, Sarah Greene has chosen to remain silent about her rumored plastic surgery and the rumors. She simply ignores such stories and never bothers to respond to the questions. The decision to respond or not is ultimately up to her, and famous people rarely discuss these techniques and strategies in public.

Roman Kemp and Sarah Greene to Host ‘The Finish Line’ on BBC!

A new BBC One quiz show titled, The Finish Line, inspired by the horse-racing fairground game will premiere later this year and will be hosted by broadcaster Roman Kemp and TV presenter Sarah Greene.

Sarah Greene with her BBC's The Finish Line co-host, Roman Kemp.

Sarah Greene with her BBC’s The Finish Line co-host, Roman Kemp.

According to the BBC, the series will consist of 25 episodes and will feature five contestants competing in a series of qualifiers and head-to-head races for a cash prize. The broadcaster added,

The show is currently being filmed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the goal is to beat your opponents to the finish line in a game where knowledge equals speed and the more you know, the further you go.

Former Blue Peter presenter Greene also added, saying: “This will be fantastic fun and so I am really looking forward to working with Roman on this new format. It’s all about high-energy, high-drama racing and quickfire questions, and I’ll be bringing my A-game to ensure that Roman and the contestants are kept on the straight and narrow.”