Sam Smith is making headlines again as people have been curious to know about their weight gain appearance, especially since their performance at the Grammy Awards 2023. Well, the Unholy singer claims to be sick of body shaming and maintaining weight, and is currently focused on self-acceptance.

Sam Smith is an English songwriter and singer who rose to fame after his song Latch, which Guy and Howard Lawrence played on electronic instruments, peaked at number eleven on the “UK Singles Chart.” With his follow-up song, La La La, including music from Naughty Boy the following year, his popularity as a singer increased. He won both the BBC‘s Sound of 2014 competition and the Brit Critic’s Choice Award, for which he was nominated.

His debut album, which had several songs, was a huge success in the US and the UK. He later gained more attention for being nominated for and winning four of the six Grammy Awards.  His vocal range includes styles from pop, soul, R&B, and other genres. In addition, he is a well-known figure on social media, with a sizable fan base on platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

For the past few months, we’ve all noticed that Sam Smith looks way too heavier than he used to look a year ago. And his weight gain is making headlines as he performed at the Grammy Awards 2023 last Sunday. His fans are curious to know the reason behind his transformation. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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Sam Smith’s Weight Gain: The 30-Year-Old Singer Looked Way Too Heavier at the Grammy Awards 2023!

Sam Smith (@samsmith) has struggled with weight gain for a long time. They has battled body shaming ever since they were little. They is currently discovering his path to self-acceptance as an adult. Smith, a member of the gay community, has suffered with their body image despite having a great singing career. However, it becomes worse when they have to deal with body shamers.

Smith claims that when others make fun of their bodies, they are more insulted than when people discuss their sexual orientation. Nevertheless, the singer had put a lot of work into losing weight, and at one time, they did so quickly and by quite a few pounds.

Smith started working with nutritionist Amelia Freer in 2015. The singer was committed to reducing weight, and after only two weeks, they had accomplished a tremendous feat by dropping 14 pounds. Smith continued to battle with their perception of their body after having lost a large amount of weight. She started working with a personal trainer in 2017 and developed a love for exercise. They would visit the gym three times a week at that time to perform numerous cardio exercises and lift weights. Smith lost almost 50 pounds during that time.

Sam Smith, a non-binary person who uses the pronouns they/them, talked openly about how they struggled with weight gain as children and how their fears affected their love of music. When they were at school, they would turn to food for comfort since it helped them feel better anytime they were lonely or anxious. Smith claimed that occasionally they are more offended by comments about their weight than by remarks about their sexual orientation. They claim it hurts when others make weight-related comments because they believe it means they are being pressured to change who they are.

They claimed they were unhappy with their bodies at the time and continuously tried to manipulate how the camera moved during video recording. Smith did point out that they’ve grown to love and embrace their bodies and are now at ease in front of the camera.

Since his performance at the Grammy Awards 2023, Sam Smith has yet again been the target of body shaming. Of course, they has been undergoing a drastic weight gain transformation, however, it should not be a problem as soon as they is happy and healthy. By the way, Sam’s performance was absolutely lit.

Who Is Sam Smith Dating in 2023?

As of the time of writing, Sam Smith has not provided any more information on their current romantic status. Since Sam prefers to keep their personal life private, there’s a chance the Unholy singer might be dating somebody in private.

Sam Smith has never been reluctant to talk about their former romantic relationships or lack thereof. Sam mentioned in a 2014 interview with Fader that one of the several unrequited relationships they’ve been a part of serving as the primary inspiration for their debut album, In the Lonely Hour. They explained,

I feel almost like I signed off this part of my life where I keep giving myself to guys who are never going to love me back. It’s all there now and I can move on and hopefully find a guy who can love me the way I love him.

That same year, Sam would finally get a chance at love after being involved with male model Jonathan Zeizel. Sadly, they would subsequently admit to splitting up at a concert in Toronto in early 2015.

Even though their relationship was short, Sam Smith’s second open romance progressed to a more serious stage. Sam disclosed their relationship with actor Brandon Flynn in 2017.  Before they broke up, their claimed “whirlwind romance” reportedly lasted nine months. Even though the two had a strong romantic connection, “they [were] both so busy with their careers and unfortunately, things just haven’t worked out,” an unidentified insider told The Sun in June 2018.

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