Olivia Attwood’s Plastic Surgery: Reddit Update!

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Olivia Attwood’s Plastic Surgery: Reddit Update! weightandskin.com

As Reddit users inquired, Olivia Attwood has been open and honest about receiving numerous plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, filler, boob jobs, lip filler, chin liposuction, and reshaping surgery. 

Olivia Jade Attwood Dack is a model and television presenter from England who made her acting debut on the third season of Love Island in 2017. Later, she appeared on the twenty-second series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in November 2022, but withdrew two days later due to medical reasons. While she was on the show, many people noticed she was looking a little different.

As a result, many Reddit users believed Olivia Attwood might have received plastic surgery procedures to enhance her beauty because she appeared completely different as well as unnatural. Well, here is everything about her transformation.

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Olivia Attwood Openly Admits to Receiving Numerous Plastic Surgery Procedures to Enhance Her Appearance!

Olivia Attwood (@oliviajade_attwood) has always been open and honest about the plastic surgery she’s had done, and she’s uploaded her own before and after photos from before she became famous. She’s even mentioned getting certain operations done ahead of the I’m A Celebrity show, Get Me Out of This Jungle.

Olivia Attwood before and after plastic surgery. weightandskin.com Olivia Attwood before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: HuffPost UK

There are a tonne of old pictures of Olivia Attwood from when she entered the Love Island villa in 2017, and she does really look completely different. It’s the makeup trends that really stand out in a lot of the photos but most of it is due to plastic surgery. She previously joked about having no brows and reminisced about the days when we’d all die for our kohl eyeliners, captioning an old photo of herself. She wrote,

Black kohl eyeliners had me in a chokehold for most of my teens. This one’s for the ‘yoU dIdn’t NEed filLers’ trolls – I have seen more definition on a paper cut. Please take several seats. The eyebrows.. what eyebrows? The end.

Talking more about Olivia’s plastic surgery, She has received lip filler and filler behind her eyes, two boob jobs, and was photographed on Instagram wearing a big chin strap while having work done on her face. It was later revealed that she had £2.5k chin liposuction and reshaping surgery. Furthermore, she has openly admitted that she has had filler for years.

When Olivia Attwood was in the villa in 2019, she claimed to have had some of her top lip filler removed and indicated she had gone too far with the procedure. She said that after seeing a cosmetic surgeon, the physician persuaded her to have some of her filler removed. Later, she wrote on Instagram,

I think she’s [the doctor] so right, I’ve been having lip fillers for years, probably five or six years. That lip has started to come out of the lip line and started to look really puffy – something I never wanted, so I’m actually excited to start again fresh. It looks better than it did because it was over-filled.

Although Olivia Attwood had filler in her lips and beneath her eyes in the past, she later remove some of it. However, she claimed she was excited to get additional treatment in the future. Furthermore, she claimed to have completed some work prior to her time in the forest. She is said to have gotten Botox, brow tint and lamination, and semi-permanent pink lip makeup for her stint on the show. Speaking ahead of her jungle debut, She stated:

So, I did eyebrows, tint and lamination, my lip blush tattooed so it looks like I’ve got a bit of lippy on it’s gone a bit too red in the sun but that’s fine, better than nothing, and I did botox and a facial and that’s it.

More About Olivia Attwood’s Career!

Olivia Attwood appeared in the third season of ITV2's Love Island in 2017. weightandskin.comOlivia Attwood appeared in the third season of ITV2’s Love Island in 2017.
Image Source: The Mirror

Born on May 2, 1991, Olivia Attwood began her career as a model and motorsport grid girl. Later, she took part in the third season of ITV2‘s reality dating show Love Island in 2017, where she reached the final with Chris Hughes and finished third. The next year, the couple starred in Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, their own spin-off series.

In order to appear in Celebs Go Dating series five in 2018, Attwood allegedly lied about being single. However, she refuted the allegations. Later, she joined the cast of The Only Way Is Essex for the twenty-fourth series in 2019. She starred in 16 episodes before departing at the conclusion of Series 26 in 2020. The same year, she debuted her own reality series called Olivia Meets Her Match, which followed the occasions leading up to her engagement to footballer Bradley Dack (@bradleydack1).

In 2022, Olivia Attwood started anchoring the ITV documentary program Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich, which looked at the online sale of sexual content. The same year she began competing in the ITV competition series I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! but withdrew shortly after arriving due to medical reasons.