‘Grace and Frankie’ Lily Tomlin’s Plastic Surgery – What Changes Has She Made?


'Grace and Frankie' Lily Tomlin's Plastic Surgery - What Changes Has She Made?

All the facts behind ‘Grace and Frankie’ star Lily Tomlin’s alleged plastic surgery procedures. Check out her complete before and after transformation.

Born on 1st September 1991, Lily Tomlin is a well-renowned American actress. During the 1960s, Tomlin began her career as a stand-up comedian and performed Off-Broadway.

From 1969 until 1973, she was a regular on the television program Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. She now stars as Frankie Bergstein in the Netflix comedy series Grace and Frankie, which premiered in 2015.

Lately, this veteran actress is at the forefront of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. Did she really go under the knife? What’s the truth? Let’s dig deep.

Has Lily Tomlin Had Plastic Surgery?

Lily Tomlin before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Lily Tomlin before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Jane Fonda‘s facelift treatment was originally one of Lily Tomlin‘s jokes. However, karma may have had a role, as many viewers questioned if Tomlin had undergone some form of plastic surgery.

The public’s interest is justified. She always has a youthful expression on her face. Her current face skin appears to be unusual for a woman her age. She is 81 years old, but her face looks incredibly tight. That simply raises the likelihood of Lily Tomlin undergoing cosmetic procedures.

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Unlike Jane Fonda, who openly acknowledges her plastic surgeon’s work, Tomlin remains silent on the subject. She may not be vocal about her evergreen face’s secret, but we can readily infer what she has done.

Some internet reports have highlighted Lily Tomlin’s plastic surgery, and it appears difficult not to include a facelift. This is most likely the surgery that has restored her youthful skin.

Her surgeon effectively chopped and repositioned her skin, resulting in tighter ones. The before and after images clearly show the results as some regions of slack skin appear firmer now.

However, a facelift does not appear to be the primary culprit. Tomlin requires a specific chemical to remove facial creases. Many ladies choose Botox in order to achieve youthful-looking skin quickly.

Botox injections have also assisted Lily Tomlin in reclaiming her wrinkle-free face. Even small creases on Lily’s face are barely visible thanks to Botox.

Her rejuvenation efforts did not end with a facelift and Botox. As you can see, her eyes are much distinct from before. It is clear that the eyelids have been altered. The tweaks surrounding her eyes are reminiscent of eyelid surgery.

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We are all aware of the common goal of Blepharoplasty. It effectively rectifies sagging eyelids and creates a more youthful appearance. And we can see that Lily Tomlin has accomplished this.

The eyelid procedure may make her look more unique, but we’re still impressed by the facelift-Botox results, aren’t we? With that in mind, we may say that Tomlin’s surgery was well-executed.

Fans Often Debate Lily Tomlin’s Plastic Surgery on Reddit

Back in January 2020, Lily Tomlin appeared looking rather different on Grace and Frankie season 6. As expected, fans were quick to raise questions about her appearance.

One user asked,

Did anyone else think Lily Tomlin looked super different in season 6?

A user responded how the “smooth skin or whatever” was extremely distracting.

Another user stated how they were wondering the same thing. The TV crew might have decided to utilize a facial filter, probably to conceal wrinkles and other flaws.

Initially, the individual believed there was a problem with their internet connection, but this was being reported by a growing number of people.

Likewise, one Redditor said:

I like her and it pains me to say it but her face, and head actually, look super huge. Her face looks sort of swollen. I wonder if she has fillers?

Meanwhile, a user believes she has had numerous upper cheek/cheekbone fillers. It’s more than simply a smoother skin texture that causes the filters to blur a little, but her face appears considerably fuller and plumper in her upper cheek area.

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The person even dug up older (yet semi-recent) photos of her, and the contrast is extremely clear, at least to them that she’s had injectible fillers. Volume can’t be added by filters; that takes some Hollywood CGI nonsense.

Some also felt she might be sick since she looked like she was on some sort of immune-boosting steroids.

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