Laura Hamilton Plastic Surgery: Her Face Doesn’t Look Natural!


Laura Hamilton Plastic Surgery: Her Face Doesn’t Look Natural!

Talking about plastic surgery, Laura Hamilton recently posted a video of herself receiving a non-invasive facelift, explaining her decision and experience to her followers. According to her, she doesn’t want to age and is very sensitive about her skincare.

Laura Jane Hamilton is an English television presenter, property expert, and entrepreneur who began her career on Nickelodeon, hosting series such as Fun Song Factory. In 2011, she competed in the sixth season of Dancing on Ice, finishing second.

Since February 2012, Hamilton has been a presenter on Channel 4‘s A Place in the Sun and also co-presented Cowboy Builders & Bodge Jobs for Channel 5 in 2015. Likely, she joined ITV‘s This Morning in 2022, presenting live segments on location.

Recently, Laura Hamilton has been in the spotlight due to her stunning appearance. Many people believe the actress seems very young at the age of 41. As a result, they are curious to know if it is a result of plastic surgery. Well, let’s find it out.

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Plastic Surgery: Laura Hamilton Recently Uploaded a Video of Herself Getting a Non-invasive Facelift!

Laura Hamilton (@laurahamiltontv) previously shocked her fans by disclosing she had plastic surgery at a friend’s clinic near Birmingham. The 41-year-old broadcaster uploaded a video of herself getting a non-invasive facelift, walking followers through her decision and experience. Alongside the post, she wrote:

After a crazy week I decided to pop in to see my lovely friend Amy @daleswoodaesthetics to try the latest non-invasive, needle free facelift that’s has taken Hollywood and it’s stars by storm. Daleswood Aesthetics are one of only a handful of clinics outside of London offering this treatment @emface. I’m always inspired by fellow women in business and am proud to support my friend Amy and her partner Alison.

Laura Hamilton before and after plastic surgery. weightandskin.comLaura Hamilton before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: WEIGHT&Skin

Laura went on to say that celebrities Jessica Simpson and Rebel Wilson have also undergone EmFace surgery. It employs electrical pulses to increase muscular contraction and tone while also increasing collagen formation.

The treatment schedule consists of four 20-minute sessions in which pads are applied to the face; it is needle and toxin-free, with no recovery time required. Laura stated,

It’s quite an unusual feeling, it’s quite warm and I can feel the pulses on my forehead and cheeks.

Her fans were unimpressed, with many wondering why she had it done. One said: “Well, in my opinion you don’t need it gorgeous.” Another added: “Your eyebrows don’t move now so it affects expression. Be a natural beauty.” Others backed her decision, saying,  “You don’t need it but feeling good in your self is that important so go girl.”

Later, Laura Hamilton told her fans that she cares about aging and looks after her skin. She is presently filming A Place in the Sun in La Duquesa, Spain, however, she admitted that the weather isn’t as warm as she had wanted.

Laura Hamilton Flaunts Her Stunning Snap During Italian Getaway!

A Place In The Sun host, Laura Hamilton recently shared a gorgeous photo from her sun-soaked Italian vacation on Instagram on September 22. The 41-year-old TV host looked stunning as she flaunted her fantastic form in a sheer black gown while posing for the camera.

Laura hid her eyes behind large sunglasses and slipped into flip-flops for the photo shoot on a gorgeous cobblestone street next to a moped. She captioned the post: ‘When in Italy…..’.

Laura Hamilton's latest appearance. weightandskin.comLaura Hamilton’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Daily Record

It comes after she said that she has been on a mental journey in which she was physically pushed to her maximum during a boot camp earlier this month. She showed off her great physique in a gold zebra print bikini while promoting the Mallorca wellness retreat.

Another day, the TV actress stood out in a bright red sports bra and matching leggings while performing lunges and assisting with pull-ups. She wore a red baseball cap to keep the heat off her face and pulled her long blonde hair back in a ponytail.

Laura shared a number of the ‘out of this world’ cuisine dishes she enjoyed while away, as well as plenty of downtime and a spa. Later, she revealed that she is a private emotional person after splitting from her husband, Alex Goward after they hit a breaking point during lockdown.

She described the retreat as absolutely eye-opening, as she became very open and honest with her feelings during it. The TV host admitted she was physically pushed to her limits and felt vulnerable enough to be emotionally pushed to her limits.

Laura Hamilton announced her divorce from her husband Alex to her Instagram followers in January 2022, stating it wasn’t something she ever anticipated she’d be saying. According to The Sun, employment requires her to travel abroad frequently, but this has come to a halt because of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak which was the cause of their marriage dissolution.