Laci J Mailey’s Weight Gain: Is the Chesapeake Shores Cast Pregnant Again?


Laci J Mailey’s Weight Gain: Is the Chesapeake Shores Cast Pregnant Again?

Laci J Mailey, one of the cast members of Chesapeake Shores, has recently been rumored to be pregnant again because of her noticeable weight gain. Well, she’s not. Since it has not been long since she gave birth to her second child, we can assume her transformation to be a side effect of postpartum.

Born on November 15, 1990, Laci J Mailey spent the entire decade on television. She was born in Fruitvale, British Columbia, and raised there as well. Mailey stated that her interest in acting began when she saw the film Titanic. She fell in love with acting after seeing Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet perform. Soon, Mailey was a regular in her high school’s drama class, and she went to Vancouver Film School, where she ended up studying theatre and film in Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old star is currently enrolling at Railtown Actors Studio, where she believes that an actor’s education never ends. She rose to prominence after appearing in Robert Rodat’s sci-fi post-apocalyptic show Falling Skies. Mailey’s next notable appearance was as a recurring character in the second season of the CBC television series The Romeo Section. She is currently the main character on the Hallmark Channel’s family drama Chesapeake Shores.

Laci J. Mailey, a Canadian actress, has recently been the subject of media scrutiny due to pregnancy rumors. After the rumor surfaced on her social media accounts, she was linked to weight gain and other rumors by the media and fans. Did the Chesapeake Shore star gain weight from pregnancy? Follow this article to know about Laci J Mailey’s transformation.

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Laci J Mailey’s Weight Gain: The Chesapeake Shores Cast Might Have Gained Weight as an Effect of Postpartum!

Laci J Mailey appears pregnant to the rest of the world because of her noticeable weight gain. Her weight gain and other rumors were linked by the media and followers after she gave birth to her second baby and is fully immersed in motherhood. People believe she is pregnant with her third child already Her Instagram account is rarely updated, but she never fails to express her gratitude for having her child.

On March 23, the Falling Skies actress announced to her Instagram followers that she had given birth and shared a touching video of the baby with her father. Similarly, Mailey posted a photo of herself and her son Cassius with the caption 2. Most people assumed she meant two for Cassius’s second birthday, but others assumed she meant one more baby that caused her weight gain.

Despite the fact that the Canadian actress already has a second child, many fans are wondering if she is pregnant again. Well, she is not currently pregnant, according to the media, as she recently gave birth to her second child. She posted a video of her husband, Steve Bradley, and her son watching a rocking crib in March of this year, with the caption saying, baby girl.

Therefore, Laci J Mailey is not pregnant but experiencing postpartum weight gain. It’s strange how quickly a woman’s body transformation piques people’s interest. Indeed, her announcement was low-key, which resulted in several sites discussing her pregnancy even months after her delivery. The couple appears to be having a good time on social media.

Laci J Mailey and Steve Bradley’s Relationship History!

Laci J Mailey married Steve Bradley (@thestevebradely) on July 28, 2016. The couple married privately in front of only their family members and close friends. Despite the fact that the couple kept their wedding simple and low-key, they had a great time on their honeymoon. The couple soon went on honeymoon and were photographed in various beautiful locations, including the Monterey Tides.

When it comes to their first meeting, the celebrity couple met for the first time at the Vancouver Film School. According to reports, J Mailey just started school, while Bradley was in his final year. Prior to saying yes to each other, they had a long-standing relationship.

They are the parents of two children, a son, and a daughter. After three years of marriage, they welcomed their eldest child, a baby boy named Cassius Leo Bradley, on October 22, 2019. The boy is now about three years old and looks adorable and appealing. Moreover, Bradley inked tattoos on his chest revealing his son’s name during the birth of their son.

Likewise, the couple later welcomed a daughter, the name of whom has yet to be revealed. Laci J Mailey never missed an opportunity to brag about her pregnancy and baby bump on social media. Throughout her pregnancy, she photographed herself in various poses. The actress and her beau seemed to enjoy every moment of their pregnancy, and they never missed an opportunity to show off their happy family life.

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