Kelly Mcgillis’ Weight Loss: The Top Gun Star Looks Thinner Today; Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!


Kelly Mcgillis' Weight Loss: The Top Gun Star Looks Thinner Today; Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Kelly McGillis’ weight loss is the latest topic of discussion after she appeared in public looking visibly thinner than before. The Top Gun actress could have been gradually losing weight as her pictures from then and today looked like before and after pictures of weight loss. Kelly McGillis has an alpha-1 antitrypsin downside, which causes pulmonary illness and maturation and which some people believe to be the reason for her weight loss.

Kelly Ann McGillis (born July 9, 1957) is an American actress who is most known for her role as an Amish mother in Witness (1985), for which she won Golden Globe and got BAFTA nods.

The actress is also most recognized for her roles as Charlie in Tom Cruise‘s Top Gun (1986) and Kathryn Murphy in Jodie Foster‘s The Accused (1988).

Kelly McGillis has also done theatre which was a break from television during which she managed to get many theatrical credits like Don Juan (1982), The Sea Gull (1985), Peccadillo (1985), The Merchant of Venice (1988), and The Graduate (2004), as well as other roles in Love for Love, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Three Sisters, and The Winter’s Tale.

In 2006, Kelly McGillis returned to television, joining the cast of Showtime’s The L Word for its fifth season 2007. She has been cast in the lead role in the biographical film Annie Cook, which is her forthcoming project.

However, rather than her upcoming movie, it is her weight loss that seems to have piqued the interest of her fans, as she appears to have lost weight in recent days. Fans have observed that the actress seemed to have shed weight and now seek before and after pictures today.

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Kelly McGillis’ Weight Loss: What Caused Her To Lose Weight?

Kelly McGillis appears to have undergone a weight loss as seen in recent sightings with a considerably more fit appearance. Her weight loss seems to be in line with what she did after she told about being fat for Top Gun sometime before.

The first requirement in Hollywood is physical appearance, and it is not being fat or large. If you want to be considered attractive by others or work in the industry, you must be slender and very skinny.

Because of the nature of the industry  she is working in, Kelly McGillis could have been battling with body image issues because of the people making her feel less than by considering her weight.

She revealed in 2019 that she was too old and obese for the Top Gun sequel with Tom Cruise (@tomcruise), according to the Daily Mail. Her recent appearance in the media, however, confirms that the actress has lost weight.

In addition, Kelly McGillis had also told in the interview that she was not invited to the set of Top Gun: Maverick by the director. So, other than her, no female characters from the previous films are expected to return in the 2022 sequel.

In an interview with ET, the actress was unusually open about why she was passed over for a role in the Top Gun sequel, Maverick, with Tom Cruise. The actress went on to say,

“I’m old and fat and I look age-appropriate for my age, and that’s not what that whole scene is about. But … I’d much rather feel absolutely secure in my skin and who and what I am at my age as opposed to placing a value on all that other stuff.”

It’s also possible that she simply wanted to be healthier and smaller for herself, which has nothing to do with changing one’s appearance to satisfy others’ expectations. However, this appears to be less likely. However, the truth, or rather reports, that the actress has lost weight persists.

Kelly McGillis only triggered the rumors after her fans noted that she appeared to be different in her most recent images than in earlier ones. She had lost weight, but it had been gradual, and no one had noticed until they compared old and current images. The weight loss was obvious when comparing the images. She appeared to be smaller and more fit than before.

Initially, the actress remained silent about her weight loss. As a result, many people refused to believe that she had lost weight even though her pictures from yesterday compared with today looked like before and after pictures . They merely kept fooling themselves that her skinny appearance was due to some camera angle manipulation. Perhaps they believed speculating on weight reduction would be too bold.

But Kelly McGillis may not be concentrating on losing weight after all, seeing how she is afflicted with sickness and has been battling it for some time.

Though it might not be kind to expect the Top Gun star to reveal the secret of her weight loss since the actress is suffering from a pulmonary illness. Besides, the weight she has dropped, we can guess that it is due to her profession, as she has to maintain her body figure as an actress in the industry.

As for Kelly McGillis, weight loss doesn’t seem to be a matter of concern when she has an alpha-1 antitrypsin downside, which causes pulmonary illness and maturation. She has made fewer appearances on-screen since suffering from an illness.

The actress is concentrating on personal hygiene and self-care at the moment. The alpha-1 antitrypsin has the potential to cause liver damage. Kelly McGillis, who has been in several action films, has departed such movies now.

When she makes infrequent public appearances, the actress is almost indistinguishable today due to weight loss. Hopefully, she is fighting back against her illness and keeping strong.

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