Grab all the details of Katey Sagal’s plastic surgery endeavors on her face, notably facelift and Botox injections. Check out her before and after transformation.

Katey Sagal is a well-known actress on both small and big screens. She’s built her presence in Hollywood, from Married…with Children (1987-97) to Sons of Anarchy (2008-14).

Recently, this veteran star is the subject of plastic surgery speculations among internet users. Has she really gone under the knife? Let’s discuss.

Katey Sagal’s Plastic Surgery – Did She Make Alterations to Her Face?

Katey Sagal before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Katey Sagal before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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Katey Sagal, the popular American actress who played Peggy Bundy in Married… with Children (1987-97), is alleged to have had a couple of plastic surgery procedures, at the very least. Sagal is said to have facelift surgery and Botox injections. Here’s a quick rundown of her potential operations.

Katey Sagal’s appearance has undergone several significant and visible improvements over the years. You can clearly see the discrepancies between her before and after frames, if you recall her appearance from the early acting years. We can clearly see the variations in her face since they have changed dramatically over the years.

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In addition, the mother of three is thought to have breast implants as part of a surgical operation. The assertions persist because her breast size has grown significantly.

Katey Sagal’s breasts weren’t always as large as they are now, and she used to have average-sized bosoms. While some say that her breast size increased as a result of plastic surgery, it is quite possible that they grew as a result of giving birth to her kids.

The Recess star has also been accused of getting a facelift because, despite nearly approaching the age of 70, she carries few aging marks on her face. As compared to other ladies in her age group, she’s got less saggy skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Katey, who is believed to be worth in the region of $30 million, is accused of having her face elevated and toned in order to achieve a more youthful appearance. Her suspected surgery may have significantly decreased her face’s aging signs.

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Kurt Sutter’s wife has also been related to allegations of Botox injections on her face. This is because the frown creases on her brow have apparently vanished despite the fact that she is over 60.

When we contrast Sagal’s before and after images, we can see that her cheeks and jawline have radically improved. Looking younger than her age has definitely sparked a slew of Botox theories.

Katey Sagal Reveals the Moment She Knew ‘Married… with Children’ Was a Hit

It’s been more than 33 years since Married… with Children made its debut, but Katey Sagal is still in awe that the sitcom managed to become such a hit.

Virtually featuring on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Sagal, who is shining in the new ABC drama series, Rebel, reflected on her performance as Peggy Bundy in Married… with Children and revealed when she knew the series had become a huge hit for Fox.

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Sagal said,

I think the first time we knew is when they bought me a wig. Because the first three years I would just do my own hair, and then all of a sudden they started dishing out money, like wigs are not cheap. They got me a wig.

The popular show, which aired for a decade, followed the life of a suburban Chicago family led by Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill), his wife Peggy (Sagal), their daughter Kelly (Christina Applegate), and son Bud (David Faustino).

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sagal also recounted joining a parade with her on-screen husband O’Neill, during a promotional tour, where they noticed how many viewers the Fox sitcom had drawn.

She explained,

I’ll never forget Ed and I went on a promo tour and we went into some parade and there we are dressed as Peg and Al. It was wild.

The 67-year-old added,

We were waving and there were so many people there and we thought no one was going to really watch it because it was so irreverent and it was so not like anything else on TV. Which is why I thought I got the job because I wasn’t like anything else on TV.

Speaking of the sitcom, she continued:

Yeah, it really took off. Of course, Fox played it three times a night right in a row. You couldn’t miss it.

Speaking with ABC News in 2017, Sagal commented on Married… with Children‘s 30th anniversary, stating that she initially was not expecting many people to watch the show.

I remember reading the script and thinking, ‘This is hysterically funny, but no one will watch it because it’s just too outside the box. We’ll get cancelled immediately.’ It was on a network nobody had heard of.

After Married… with Children, Sagal went on to star in Futurama (1999-2013) and 8 Simple Rules (2002-05). She went on to play Gemma Teller Morrow in FX’s Sons of Anarchy (2008-14), for which she won a Golden Globe in 2011.

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Most recently, Sagal appears in Rebel as Annie Bello, a character supposedly based on legendary legal clerk Erin Brockovich.

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