Jess and Eve Plastic Surgery: Natural Beauties to Bombshells

Neo – Jess and Eve have admitted to having only non-surgical cosmetic procedures like filler and Botox but many experts claim they’ve obtained plastic surgery procedures like breast implants, rhinoplasty, and a Brazilian butt lift. They were gorgeous before the plastic surgery, and they look dramatically different now.

Love Island twins Jess and Eve have made waves since entering the show`. After photos of them as teenagers surfaced, showing their naturally auburn hair and very slimmer lips, many speculated about what plastic surgery they’d undergone. Has she gone under the knife? Let’s take a look at the TV personality‘s alleged plastic surgery procedures.

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Experts Claim Jess and Eve Have Obtained More Plastic Surgery Procedures Including Breast Implant, Rhinoplasty, and BBL

Jess (@jessicarosegale) and Eve seem to have followed the same plastic surgery procedures. They have openly discussed non-surgical cosmetic procedures experiences. The twins had filler and Botox treatments, with Jess even releasing a video getting temple filler to raise her brows, cheek filler for a snatched look, and anti-wrinkle injections.

The social media influencer mentioned that her work as an aesthetics practitioner has led to her having treatments like Botox and lip filler. She runs her cosmetic shop, Candy Aesthetics, and admits it’s difficult to reject down operations when you’re surrounded by them all day.

“When it’s cheap and you can get someone else to do it for you, you can’t really turn it down. Considering it’s my job I don’t actually have a lot done. I think a lot of practitioners do have their whole face jabbed, but I do stick to the natural look.”

Some early photos from their Love Island time show the girls with naturally red hair and pale skin. According to experts, they were gorgeous before the plastic surgery, but they look dramatically different now. Experts claim they’ve obtained more plastic surgery procedures in addition to Botox and fillers.

Jess and Eve before and after plastic surgery. weightandskin.comJess and Eve before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: The Tab

The Love Island sisters used to have less defined cheekbones which look more prominent today. They also had smaller lips. Their lips are a lot more luscious and plump than before, which hints that the twins have gotten lip fillers. They seem to have undergone breast augmentation to increase volume and form.

Jess and Eve are also said to have rhinoplasty because their noses look a different shape and slightly more sculpted than before. The twins also look to have had plastic surgery on their bum. Their buttock forms appear bigger and lifted, creating more volume and pertness near the top, resulting in a more peachy appearance.

This is most likely done through a procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. Jess and Eve have not disclosed whether or not they have undergone surgical procedures, although they have publicly discussed using non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Yet their before and after photos tell a different story.

Jess and Eve after plastic surgery. weightandskin.comJess and Eve after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

In recent years, the twins seem to have adopted a more Hollywood glamour-inspired appearance, with their distinctive red lipstick and platinum hair acting as a subtle tribute to former icons like Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner.

Know More About the Love Island Twins Jess and Eve

Jess and Eve (@evegale) are identical twins from London who featured on the sixth season of Love Island. When asked what they think makes them perfect for the program, Jess said she’d be a fantastic Islander because she’s lively, confident, and spontaneous. Eve noted that she is confident, relaxed, and easygoing, which makes her a good Islander.

Eve and Jess are 24 years old and still inseparable. They do most things together. The twin sisters entered the villa on the first day of Love Island 2020. Eve’s Love Island voyage was cut short as she briefly dated Callum and was removed from the villa on day 6. Jess was romantically involved with Mike Boateng, Nas Majeed, Luke Mabbott, and lastly Ched Uzor during her stay at the villa.

Jess and Ched advanced to the final, where they finished fourth. However, they split in May 2020, a few months after leaving the villa. Shortly after leaving the villa, Jess appeared on Celeb Ex in the City, where she was reunited with Ched in the most awkward way possible.

Ched crashed Jess’s first blind date since their split, resulting in a lengthy and awkward television scene. Before entering the villa, Eve and Jess were VIP Hostesses and students. Since their success on the show, they have become full-time influencers and Only Fans content creators. They also share a TikTok account.